By nebrunner
It has been cold and snowy in Omaha the past week, my son has repeatedly had his school canceled and we have been snowed in. We watched Ghostbusters and he loved it, he now wants to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween. Take that Harry Potter!

We raided our recycle bin and built this out of cardboard and other junk:


We are going to work on the wand next. What kind of hose should I use to connect it to the pack and how long should the hose be?
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By QuartZ
I love it. You guys did an amazing job with found items. Really. It captures not only the right feeling, but it’s reasonably accurate which is SO impressive given your source materials.

I used to build things like this all of the time and your post makes me miss those projects.

As for the hose, it’s similar to the ones you have in your pack (cable loom type). I’m not sure of the total length, but I’m sure one of our resident experts will chime in soon.

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By Etigo
It's great to create a Pack and share the passion of creating and building with your Kids!!! :-D

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