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By JediChris1138
Hello everyone!
So, I ordered an Anovos pack during the Memorial Day Sale (note: Currently they have 35% off) but - be mindful! I haven't gotten any shipping information in over a week!

SO - now I suddenly have time to pick up any and all parts I may need for upgrades and improvements.

Anyway, for once, I have plenty of money, and I wanted to see what I can and need to do to upgrade the thing to awesome level! I figure I'll put a few of the video game lights in, but I wanted to know what I should get to really make the thing stand out! Specifically:
  • Ribbon Cable
    Paint types (seen a few good ones!)
    Upgrades to aluminum parts
    What electronics to buy, and how to get those damn things in!
    What labels/legit parts
    Aluminium thrower?
I really want to make the thing shine! I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I'll swap out the damn motherboard if I have to.

I *Do* have a Matty Collector wand (actually a couple of em') and I thought maybe that could help!

What's the scoop? You list it, I'll do my best to create a tutorial on how to do it from any instructions and help I get! Will do the same if someone could just point me to a damn 59 Miller Meteor Futura!
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By Mad Muppet
Is... is this a troll thread?

Memorial Day weekend? Try like another year and a half.

You know there's a class action suit because they haven't shipped the vast majority of their pre-orders pretty much since they were founded, right?
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By JediChris1138
Well... damnit.

I may have made a mistake. I just thought it would be easy enough for me to actually handle on my own without a ton of tools.
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By Glenn Frederick
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It's a in stock item so they say a couple of weeks when in reality it will probably be a month!

That's how long it took them to send me mine that was a "In stock item", thankfully nothing was broken but I was missing the aluminum block for the ion arm.
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By JediChris1138
Well, that's good. Let's hope it comes soon then. I ordered about 20 days ago, so far. I'd be stoked to get it.

Anyway, once (if?) I have it, I would LOVE to know what upgrades I can make to really make this thing sing. I want to display it somewhere.
By twmedford23
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I upgraded most of the parts on mine. Ribbon cable clamps, resistors, ion arm end cap, elbows, shock mount, clippard valve, tubing, labels, crank knob. I just received replacement parts(took a year) for the thrower so I can get finally get started on it. All in all, not bad given the price. Shame about the company's practices, though - probably will not buy anything Anovos again.


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By JediChris1138
That looks GREAT! Did you get parts from GB Fans? I'm also trying to figure out how to do age it a bit - I figure a few aluminum pieces might help. Are the n-filter, resistor arm etc. already mounted, or will I be able to add those in? I'd love to do GBFans aluminum!
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By JediChris1138
SO! The kit is SHIPPING and should arrive Friday.

Here's what I've heard I need to change. I'll look at home and see what parts I've collected over the years:

Ribbon cable clamps
Ion Arm
End Cap
Shock Mount
Clippard Valve
Crank knob

Next question - how in the world do I paint this thing? You have some nice weathering.

ALSO: Since I'm building one, would it be worth picking up a shell from the GBFans store? I feel like once I've knocked out one, the second should be much easier to do, and more accurate.

I also have one of the Spirit packs I've been working on for a spell.
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By JediChris1138
You may have been right about this - I got my a-frame, but have not received the pack I ordered in MAY. I'm really, really hoping that it gets out before too long! It seems like it's been forever!

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