By richand26mhz
Hello, I have been building my 3d printed pack on and off for a while collecting parts over the past 10 years or so.
I have recently got to the stage of putting the pack together. When installing the light and sound kit the sound is no longer working. Previously this has worked fine. I have tested it with the AUX cable and that works, but no pack sounds. Is there a replacement part that may fix this issue? Is the sound Module something that is likely to go and able to replace?

The kit is one of the older style ones bought when they first came out.

Thanks Richard
By Marcus B
Does not have one. It's an earlier model. What is the sd card module called? Is it possible to buy one and program myself?
Sorry, I didn't realize it was a different model. I don't think you can add the SD card if it didn't come with it, but I'm not sure.
By richand26mhz
I have purchased a new sd card audio chip. Would someone be kind enough to upload the sound files from the amplified sound sd card board? Or point me in the direction of them. I would like to test if this works please. Thanks

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