By axelghostbuster
hey guys i was just wondering, which one of the proton pack plans are the easiest?!!!!! norms,stefans or venkmans. well am not a gb prop maker but i am interested in the project!!! but so far i wont be able to build my own Proton pack any time soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well... great stuff guys !!! i like everybodies Proton packs and all the other equipment just awsome stuff!!!! :cool: :blush: :eyeroll: :sigh: :vinzclortho:
By MaximusTrion
bradboss12 wrote:I'd say Norm's are great for a beginner

yeah i agree norm's are the best for newbies. after i finish my custom pack, i might try out stefans plans.
By chibigear
Sal. we both have used same method on our packs... Actually, for a beginner, I too would advice taking Norm's instructions. They are more visually informative. I used both, The measurements and blueprints of Stepan's plans, and Norm's plans for some idea of how they look in real life. While the Stepan's plans are very exact, they can be confusing. I spent many hours in order to actually 'see' the part I was making. I am still finding some new stuff in this site. But, take the Norm's plans. They are far easier.
By rapidtransit
I've been referencing Norm's plans for material ideas and Stefan's plans for exact dimensions.
By axelghostbuster
wooow!!!! thank you sooooooooo much, for your kind support thanks a lot guys that means a lot you guys rock...bust out loud!!!!! it,s good ,cause i,ve printed out norms plans a while ago!!!! i just want it to be sure!!!!!!! i did the same for the ghost trap plans !!! thanks guys!!!!!! i did think stefans plans wwere a little confusing not good with a lot of numbers or math for that matter lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a whole lot to all of you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :blush: :eyeroll: :walterpeck: :vinzclortho: :crunch: :wrongforum:
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By Zack
Yeah Norm's are definetly great for starting out and getting ideas for what to use and even coming up with some substitutes of your own! Stefan's can be overwhelming but once you become familiar with all the names of the various parts of the pack, it's not so bad.
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By LordVego
See... even though I haven't built yet, I have read Norms time and time again. They are still relatively hard to figure out for me. Maybe I actually have to put them to use
By AlmightyCoRnDogg
I kinda had some trouble making heads or tails of those plans when I started too. It wasn't till I really dug in and started building that I really got the hang of it. I'd suggest grabbing some spare sheet of plywood and fab one of the pieces, it should start to click after that.
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By Zack
One thing that made it a bit easier was thinking of everything in terms of sections or parts. Almost like the puzzle pieces fitting together...and the whole thing is basically made up of different size/shape boxes.
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