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By mburkit
parksdesign wrote:All the HD images are broken on this thread.

GhostGuy wrote:I've put all the old HD caps from GB1 into an album and added about 35 new captures. You will find those here as soon as the upload completes:

And once again, here are the GB2 pics so you don't have to go looking for them:

Click on the left and right sides of the mid-size image to advance. Clicking on the disk icon to the lower right of the image will give you the full size image.

There you go.
nick-a-tron wrote:GB2 link no longer works. NOOOO!!

Yep...those were the ones I was really after.

Thanks for the link to the GB1 caps though, Matt.
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By Michael Scott
Geez, I just noticed that GB2 pic 017, with the evidence table in the court room scene right before the pink slime jar blows, the pack in the center of the picture has a wand that is trashed. The front handle is completely bent and the trigger tip is separated from the handle, sitting a couple inches over to the left behind the trap. No wonder Venkman was worried if the equipment would still work!
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By jackdoud
Most of the equipment on the table before the slime blows are stunt versions. Parts are bent all over the place and everything's beat to hell.
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By Kingpin
Unfortunately between how long the images were first uploaded, and the fact the member who uploaded them was banned from the forum, it isn't too surprising that they've finally gone down.

Edit: They're still online and accessible:

Ghostbusters HD Reference
Ghostbusters 2 HD Reference
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