For users in: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, & Wyoming.
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By MR-Todd
Any Idaho GBs out there?
By jeffpilg
Mountain Home Idaho.....New Ghosthead!
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By chadpanther
I am not from Idaho, but I am next door in Montana if you ever want to hang together. :D
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By Tyrael
Foot-of-the-Mountains Ghostbusters? :P
By SpaceCase
I'm originally from Preston. Where are you from?
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By Azevedo
I'm originally from Preston. Where are you from?
Idaho Falls.
By drunkstuntdriver
Hello, I live in Kuna, a small city a little outside the capitol Boise. were not far from Mountain home either. Im not sure where Preston is. Isnt that where they filmed Napolian dynamite?
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By BlueBoxBoy759
I'm one of those fancy pants Boise folk. What with our clean drinking water and name brand dungarees. Haha, I'm just being weird. Me and my bro are genuinely Boise based Ghostbusters. Boise uptown actually. Just a stones throw from Kuna.
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By eyesadrift
Hailey field agent part time gem state gb here. Any ladies out there tonight hehehehe...
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By BlueBoxBoy759
Well goodness. We'll have to see what's going on in April. I know we have an anime convention in downtown Boise in March. Eyes drifter and I have been going to that for years.
By drunkstuntdriver
Are you talking about anime oaisis, ive been to that. im gonna have to get my gear together, fast!
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By BlueBoxBoy759
Ding Ding! We have a winner! Anime Oasis is correct, been going to that for close to ten years now. It would be great to see how many Ghostbusters we can pack into that fancy hotel.
By drunkstuntdriver
Hot damn! I will warm up the proton pack. hopfully we can meet before that. sounds like a blast!
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By BlueBoxBoy759
Thread bump! I have this crazy itch to do something outside of con. What's on the September schedule? All the kids are in school, and I'll be turning 23. (Woot! Prime numbers!) Anyone wanna do a hang out/workshop? I'll make brownies.

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