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By TotalWine&MoreWA
Hello Everyone!

We wanted to drop a line to everyone here to let you know that Dan Aykroyd, or as we all know and love him - Dr. Raymond Stantz, will be at the Tukwila, WA Total Wine & More for a Crystal Head Vodka Autograph bottle signing on Friday, October 26, from 4-6 p.m.


Anyone who knows Dan knows how much he appreciate and loves his fans, and we would love to invite each and every one of you around the Seattle/Tukwila area out to this FREE event.

Dress up in your best Ghostbusters gear, it's more than welcome! Break out the proton packs, Ecto-1, and ghost traps, and get your questions ready. This is Dan's first appearance in Washington State in over 2 years, and it's an event you won't want to miss!

If you wish to attend, please RSVP here (it's free!):

We hope to see you there!
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By egie
Just a quick question, whats the whole deal with someone under 21 going? my dad would be with me and he would get the vodka, not me. I would love to go meet Dan in full gear and get some of my stuff signed, and we are ready with tickets.
By the way I don't know why I said bought in the post above... I love how the tickets are free!
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By castewar
You can attend, you just can't buy anything at the store - your dad would have to buy. And if it's like other signings, you need to buy an Aykroyd wine, Patron, or Crystal Head to get stuff signed. But the store won't care if you're there, particularly as you'll be with your dad.

FYI, the wine is the cheapest option, the vodka is the coolest option, and the patron is the taquila option.
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By TotalWine&MoreWA
Hey everyone! Still a few tickets left over, feel free to tell your friends and family and get them out to the event as well!

Who is dressing up at the event? If you guys would take pictures and tweet them at us (@TotalWineWA), we will RT and put them up on our Facebook page! (

See you all there tomorrow!
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By btnkdrms
Crystal Head Vodka Event 10/26/2012 was a success. It was officially the first Bust for The Pacific Northwest Ghostbusters (as a group) and it was wonderful to meet other members of the PNW:GB for the first time in person.

Dan Aykroyd was super gracious with his time and amazing to his fans. I myself got a few of my designs signed by him and they're now hanging in my office by the door.


Don't be a stranger! Visit the Pacific Northwest Ghostbusters Facebook page anytime to see what we're up to and check out the ever-growing collection of custom Ghostbusters No-Ghost inspired logos and designs!
By TotalWine&MoreWA
Hello everyone!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made it out to help make the event with Dan a success! You guys are awesome, and from what we can tell everyone had a great time! Now if we can only get Ghostbusters 3 made... sheesh!

If you guys have any pictures, we would truly appreciate it if you would share them on our Facebook page ( so we can group together all the awesome shots with Dan and his fans. Again, thank you, and we'll keep you informed if Dan should make a return visit anytime soon with some new news for everyone!


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