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By pseadynamo
Hello Portlandia,

I am driving down from Seattle on Saturday morning to hopefully meet up with you guys. I won't be at the convention center until 12-1pm but I saw a panel on Kaiju (Pacifc Rim) I was thinking of seeing. If I miss that its not a big deal.

... still not sure about the jumpsuit. I'm gonna toss a coin as to whether I go with GB1 or GB2.

So, if someone wants to set up a meeting place for lunch or PM me with a number to text that's great otherwise i will wander around until i see a gaggle of proton packs!
By MyraC
Heeeey yooooou guuuuys!! *ahem* Sorry...just got back from the coast and the Oregon Film Museum where Goonies are king.

So! Lets start chatting about meet up times and places for this Sat! 10am? Noon?

I'm thinking meeting out front by the MAX stop at the Convention Center would be cool...
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By egie
I decided to make one simple mod to my pack before RCCC, inspired by protoncharger a long time ago... put a bird on it!

This is the best thing I have seen in my life! I will be at RCCC, noon works fine for me.
By pseadynamo
Hello Portland. So the wife apparently made plans for Saturday that require a babysitter and that fell through. Long story short I am bringing a little 5 year old Ghostbuster with me. I will try not to crash your gig, etc if you guys were planning a flash mob dance off thing or perhaps a trip to the bar later... which is what I will be needing. Anyway, Lewis is sorta excited to be a Ghostbuster with dad and I hope he gets to see all the Star Wars cosplay stuff he has been talking about.
I just know with him in tow I will be stopped every 3 min for a photo and I hope he can hang.
On another note:
I sorta want to turn this into a modern take on Ecto-1 and cool camping van!
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By RoseCityBuster
No worries! Portland Ghostbusters are family friendly! We're going to be down one buster for the event so you are both welcome to hang with us. See you Saturday! I believe we're planning on noon at the front entrance.

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By pseadynamo
Hi Portland! That was the largest gathering of GB fans I've seen yet. Great meeting all of you! Sorry we had to leave at 2:30 but Lewis was tired of the paparazzi. I plan to go alone to the next con and see panels, more exhibits, etc.
By pseadynamo
Hey Portland I finally had a chance to upload some photos! Looking forward to another meetup and hopefully we can talk in a less photo happy environment. Because stopping every 3 words for a photo is nerve wracking and flattering at the same time. LOL.




Lewis got pretty tired around 2pm and we arrived at 11:45am. He was talking about you GB fans all afternoon!


Also we made Komo news: ... c=y&img=13
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