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By vk84
Hi guys,

I just bought all of the electronic kits from GBfans and all that is left is connecting a speaker for it. The soundboard requires a speaker that is 8 ohms and 10 watts or higher. I have looked at Radio Shack, Best Buy and a few mom and pop car shops for a speaker and I have not been able to find any. Does anybody know where I could find one to fit all of my paranormal elimination needs?
By Ecto-1 fan
An 8 ohm speaker is a "house" type rather than an automotive use one. That might change what section you're looking in? I'd think that any old house speaker should work. You could probably take one from an old boom box, but you may not reach the 10 watt rating if its a REAL cheap one.
By pseadynamo
Hi there vk84. I have two speakers in my pack each are 8 ohm and 20 watt . I bought a pair of used Polk computer speakers at a recycle PC place. Don't know of one in Portland but you could also buy new ones at Fry's Electronics in Wilsonville. In fact if you haven't been there I would highly recommend a trip to Fry's. You can get all sorts of components and good ideas there.

Oh I should mention I am not using the GB fans amp. I am using a CRIX sound board and this: ... 7OXN87440V
By abaka
Sorry to bump a dead post.

I'm trying to upgrade my speakers mainly because my 2 4 "ohms" don't fit in the pack shell and I'm considering switching to one speaker instead. ... 2c76ec657e

Would the above speaker work well. I figured it's ok to post the link as it's not going to drive up bidding/prices/interest...
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By Skully
Abaka , your going to want a speaker that is listed as a full range ...meaning that its able to produce the full spectrum of the music / sound being reproduced ..the link you provided is for a mid bass / bass speaker will only hear the lower frequencies could use a 4 ohm version of that speaker in conjunction with a tweeter also rated at 4 ohms you get the full range of music and still fall in the 8ohm rating of the gb fans sound board ....
By pseadynamo
I agree the full range speakers, usually dual coil, are a better choice. I have 2 of the 4 inch speakers. one is mounted facing down from the booster tube mount sound comes from a hole behind the ribbon cable and the other speaker faces forward through a hole in the backboard just below my right shoulder. this way the sound projects forward and backward when i push buttons. For whatever reason though my $20 amp is sounding more distorted with time so I may have to spring for a quality 12v unit soon.
I guess if you do 1 6x9 dual coil speaker behind the cyclotron facing your lower back it might sound ok.
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By Wharin
Just get a couple of car audio 3 way speakers, I've use them for the last 8 months and they sound great. I have a 4 inch under my crank gen facing a drilled out grill in my mobo and a 5x7 sitting face up in my cyclotron.
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By evallded
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VK84, I dont believe we have met. But I would recommend hitting up a goodwill. Decent speakers are easy to strip out of old electronics, home speakers, PC Speakers. 8 Ohm are going to be the most common type.

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