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By groschopf
Kat and I are planning to attend Emerald City on Saturday the 29th. We'll be the ones with gray jumpsuits and white stitching on the namepatches. If you see, say hi!


Can we plan on seeing anyone else there in gear?
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By Lunoki
I'm trying to get my uniform together in time for Comicon, though it will be far from complete (first time putting one together). I'll be the dork with a Kenner proton pack, haha.
By pseadynamo
I'm going to be there with my little guy Saturday except he wants to do Star Wars so you can imagine the issues that raises.
By pseadynamo
Saturday and the 3 day passes sold out in February. I check Craigslist, nothing for Saturday. I also looked at Ebay and there are Saturday tix but prices are criminal. You could take Friday off work and still go...
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By groschopf
Actually, we'll be leaving Thursday -- but the only Friday tickets left are at a shop 30 miles outside of Seattle, and they're only selling them to walk-in customers. they expect to be out of the tickets within hours now.

We're going to keep looking at Craigslist and see what I can find. We may just wind up hanging around outside of the con. If it's really going to be as full as ticket sales indicate, that may not be the worst thing. :/
By freudiandave
I ran into you two on the floor and you answered a ton of questions about your packs. Just wanted to say thank you so much! Seeing what you did really got me back into the mindset to get my own build off the ground. Hope you had a great time at the con!

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