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By needanID
Last winter break I was thinking of a shoulder patch that used a Sasquatch ghost, the red circle with slash with the needle poking out the back. But I'm an engineer not a graphics designer. I might be able to coarsely sketch it out at best
By pseadynamo
Yeah I do like the PNW Sasquatch logo. Franchise logo would be the left shoulder patch and the original 1980's movie patch (1 or2 depending on flight suit color) is still right shoulder (IMO ). I also ordered the Spengler memorial pin which looks good over the name tape. I may have to visit some discussion boards about patch placement though. I'm just going by what the ghostbusters of BC did.
By pseadynamo
Hi Alan, Just a question here so do you have any word on if/when you are in fact moving to the Seattle area?
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By Alan Hawkins
The chances are still good, but we are waiting for the government to post the job. Once that happens we will know more. My wife's old supervisor here in Chicago is the new Chief in Tacoma / Seattle. So we have as much of an "in" as you can get with this type of job.

What sucks for us is that the longer they take to get the job posted means that the likelihood of us moving in the dead off a Chicago winter it's getting higher and higher.

So we are in limbo. Not making any long term Chicago plans in case we have to pack up fast like.
By pseadynamo
Wow, I know the government can move slow but that's gotta be tough. Plus you have little ones starting school to think about. Well i would just keep the winter stuff out and start packing up summer into boxes... hope it works out.
By pseadynamo
Alan I'm really glad to hear you're heading to Seattle. I've been following your FB adventures as the alter-ego "santa claus" and I think we should meet up over a beer sometime in May once you're settled. Merry Christmas!

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