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hmmm. were/are there other known busters up here? I got to this party way too late.

are you coming back up to be in the Fort Collins car show again this year?
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By Boomerjinks
Not this year. It's :crunch:time on the new car to get it done in time for the game release. If we get enough done we'll probably be at the KBPI car show, though. PM me if you think you want to come down and hit up the game release on Tuesday or something!
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By Crix
We should all get together sometime and play some flag football.

I think that would be really fun.

Has anyone here seen Wedding Crashers?
By Xeknos
So you guys were the ones I talked to at NDK last year. You really inspired me to make a proton pack for 2009's NDK. Hopefully I'll see you guys there.
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By Boomerjinks
It could have been lots of people. If the people you talked to had hot girls with them, and didn't smell like diapers, that was probably us.
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By Crix
Im telling you, a TV show of our lives would be the coolest thing ever.
It wouldn't be as cool as actually living our lives.

Second coolest thing, I can agree with.
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By Boomerjinks
We will have a pretty heavy presence at NDK this year with the Ecto and the jeep. We're getting back from our insanely awesome roadtrip a few days before the con, so hopefully we'll be rested up!
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By Boomerjinks
The big yearly anime convention, it's in the same hotel as StarFest. We basically do exactly what we do at StarFest, but instead of making fun of mouthbreathers and scientologists, we make fun of weeaboos and furries. ^.^
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By Catgir
We will have a pretty heavy presence at NDK this year with the Ecto and the jeep. We're getting back from our insanely awesome roadtrip a few days before the con, so hopefully we'll be rested up!
Awesome! I will be looking for you guys even though I won't be dressed up as a GB. (yeah I am poor I have no job right I need to save money I have left from my last job for now). I will someday be in my uniform, but until that day I will just cosplay as some anime characters. Think I will go as Risa like I did at Ohayocon.
You guys have a jeep too? Awesome! I have to see your ecto in person (yeah I saw some pics here, but it would be awesome to see it for myself.)
Yeah there are a few furries there at NDK...well I saw some the year before last year when I went. Though mostly anime fans go to it or gamers.
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By Boomerjinks
I see you haven't been properly introduced.

That is how we roll in Colorado.

If you're concerned about a uniform, and want one on the cheap, I'd recommend the dickies dresses that our girls wear.

Slap on some patches and a pistol belt, wear black leggings and some combat boots and you're done. CLASSY!
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By Catgir
Oh sweet! I see KITT as well! You know I really got to sit in that actual car when I was young. It spoke to me and I was surprised it talked..lolz!

That jeep is sweet! I so wanna see them in person!

I might do that, just dunno if they are in my size. >.>;

That and I have to find some boots and some leggings that are black..yeah I have only tan color leggings on me. ^^;

Patches I could probably manage getting since they are like $3 on ebay.

Well I will see what I can do for a suit. It might not be the same type as you specify since well I feel I don't see myself in a skirt type thing that is tight fit. Granted it would be cheaper, but dunno if it suits me. I am getting a GB patch through the mail soon and just need to find myself some boots, pistol belt, and maybe some gloves. If I don't have it done in time, well I guess I won't be dressed as a GB. I will try though, just might take awhile knowing how slow mail is these days.
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