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By jettajeffro
I've got a crazy idea about trying to get a theater down in Tucson know as The Loft,, to do showing of Ghostbusters in october. They are always showing alot of 80's movies like this month they're showing Purple Rain and The Terminator. Their schedule is open past March so I figured I'd give them a shout. At alot of their showings for movies like that they try to bring in people who starred or worked on the movie to do a q&a and a signing. Well I sent an email to Ernie Hudson's agent at to see if he would be interested and I got this back:

Hi Jeff, Thank you for your email and your kind words for Ernie. Ernie is always happy to accommodate a personal appearance when his schedule allows. At this time it is a bit early to know what his schedule will be in October but I can give you some info on his appearances. He would require travel (airfare, business class preferred & ground transportation) and a hotel. His daily rate for an appearance is $1500 per day with a $100 per day per-diem. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you, John

Think I may need to get a fundraiser going, or maybe just not spend my tax return. I'm still waiting to hear back from the theater to see if they would be even remotely interested. Probably a long shot all the way around, but hey its worth a try.
By jettajeffro
I got this back today from the Loft Cinemas program director.

Hi Jeff-
My name is also Jeff, and I'm the Program Director here at The Loft. I also put together the Twin Peaks event you mentioned in your e-mail.
I like your suggestion of a Ghostbusters event. We actually screened Ghostbusters a while back as part of our Late Night Cult Classics series, and it did pretty well. So, I think there is obviously an audience for some kind of Ghostbustes event, specificially if one of the stars was able to attend. I would think that Ernie Hudson would be the most likely candidate.
Are you proposing that the Arizona Ghostbusters would also be involved? What do you typically do at public events? It sounds like you dress in costume, but is there anything else you do?
We will definitely consider doing some kind of event around Ghostbusters, depending on what our schedule is like. It seems that doing something around Halloween would make the most sense.
Since we do lots of these kinds of events, it would be no problem for us to get a print of the film. Since most actors require some kind of appearance fee for these kinds of events, we would also have to check into that regarding Ernie Hudson.
Thank you for the good suggestion, and if we're able to put something together, I will definitely let you know, as I think having the AZ Ghostbusters on hand for such an event would be very cool.

Jeff Yanc

Jeff Yanc
Program Director
The Loft Cinema
By jettajeffro
The theater does events like this every month. That was my inspiration. I went to a Twin Peaks one where they brought in The Log Lady. The theater was packed. The theater is non-profit and backed by a local film society and memberships so hopefully they could pull the funds together. If nothing else we'll do a Ghostbusters car wash as a fundraiser. I could see it now.
By jettajeffro
Well the lastest word is that the theater is very interested and thier only main concern is getting Ernie there. Most of their guests appear for free because the theater is a non-profit organization and they theater just covers their travel and lodging expenses. So we'll see what happens as the theater talks to his agent more. Hopefully we'll get a date settled soon. Even if we can't get Ernie, it should still be a good show.
By malcolmhoaz
this definatly sounds promising....especially since I am in tucson.. keep us updated jeff. even if ernie doesn't show up, I'll be down there with my gear
By jettajeffro
Yeah the theater is still very interested in doing the show even if Ernie doesn't come. Other ideas I have for the show is showing the old music video. Maybe a cartoon episode, and doing a "best ghost" costume contest. We'll probably do a kind of skit on stage kind of like the Ghostbusters street show at universal. We chase a ghost to a room off stage, and then come back with a smoking trap. The theater director told me the place really is supposed to be haunted so he would like for it to look like we're really busting the place. If the Ecto-1A can show up, it will really add to that.
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By jhsanny
I'm not too close, but I would definately be there if it could be around a weekend. Keep us posted, as I am very interested in getting together for this! I'll bring my gear too- and the real gear.. If that place is "active" I'd be most interested in inspecting. :D
By jettajeffro
Sounds great. Yeah I want as many GB's to come down as possible. Kind of like a mini-GB convention. I want people to know that there is a active GB community out there. It should be on a Saturday night probably around 9. We'll all need to convene in the afternoon. But still a ways off to make any plans yet.
By jettajeffro
I haven't head from the theater in a couple of weeks. I'll check with them next week to see what their status is on scheduling it.

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