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By BSjohnson
I searched for this, and didn't find it on this board, so I'll post it.

The Dallas Comic Con

All the info is on that page. Ernie Hudson will be there, as well as Peter Mayhem (CHewbacca), Morena Baccarin of Firefly/Serenity fame, and Walter Koenig of Star Trek fame.

I'll be there in costume on Saturday, and I know a few other guys from Proptopia plan to be there, too.

Come join the fun!
By jettajeffro
I'm trying to get Ernie to Tucson, AZ for a screening of Ghosbusters if his schedule and the theaters works out in October. I hope it comes together. I know several of the guys back in Indiana that have met him and have nothing but praise about him. Have fun.
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By BSjohnson
Heh. Yeah, I can't help but think that I had a big hand in bringing him to Dallas. The two guys who run this convention (they have three a year) always ask on the forums who the fans would like to see. I suggested Ernie Hudson for October's show. I don't know if they couldn't get him or he couldn't make it or what, but he wasn't there in October. But here he is now in March, so to those who can make it out, you're welcome!
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By BSjohnson
It hasn't happened yet. It's on March 17th and 18th.
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By jhsanny
Oh, things are looking mighty good for me to be there.. Finally, a slightly more "sane" reason to wear my gear in a public place.. Now, if only my coveralls fit better. :lol:
By GBFreek83
Myself and the rest of the Dallas Ghostbusters will be there for sure, we're totally, completely, and utterly excited about meeting Ernie Hudson...that and we all get to dress up again, as mentioned :)

All in all there will be ALOT of geared-up Ghostbusters lol
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By jhsanny
Yeh, I will NOT be attending, even though I posted otherwise.. I forgot, those two days are the same days a paranormal team is coming to investigate a local hotel. And they're having a costume contest on the second day. How can I pass up real ghost hunting, AND a chance to dress in my gear in a hotel? It will be like my own, personal "Sedgwick." YaY! I am disappointed I wont get to hang out with you guys at the Con though..and I'll miss Mr. Hudson. Damn.. :( Tell him hi for me!
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By BSjohnson
I just wanted to let you all know that there is a huge possibility that I won't be making this convention after all.

A friend's mom have fallen very, very ill. There's not much the doctors can do but wait to see what happens. We'll be staying in town with her for a while.

I just wanted to ask if maybe y'all could keep her in your thoughts and prayers. God will know you're your talking about. He's smart like that.

Thank you, guys. And have a blast! Take lots of pictures!
By GBFreek83
HAAH, but you DID make it out and it rocked! didn't it?

Oh man, yesterday was TOO MUCH FUN with Ernie Hudson!!

Ahhhh, about to head out there again and have even more fun!

Thanks for comin' out St. Patrick!
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By trendkiller
for those of you not fortunate enough to have never met Ernie.

omg...such a freakin nice guy. i mean seriously i was sorta expecting some kinda ego.

Hudson is the freakin MAN!

will post pics soon.

Especially the one with my celebrity girlfriend who got more attention then we did. =\ lol
By GBFreek83
Haha, yeah for real, then again, being dressed the way she was and well, looking the way she does also definately helped that reputation begin. It was funny that older guy with the camera who was taking pics of us without us knowing, he started taking pics of her while we were talking, and I was giggling to myself cause she didn't see him, but he was just having a grand ole' time snapping some off... yeah, no comment lol

Ernie is DUH MAN!
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