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By jettajeffro
Figured I'd share this from an email I got from the theater today.

"Columbia Pictures called on Monday and said that they've received an "overwhelming amount" of requests from theaters to book a print of GB to play on Halloween weekend, and that they are all out of prints, so theaters will have to play the movie on DVD. Fortunately, we booked the movie very early, so we're one of the few theaters in the country who are actually getting a 35 mm film print to play. I guess this speaks to the enduring appeal of the movie."

-Jeff Yanc, Loft Cinema Program Director
By Radar
Jettajeffro, I think it's awesome that they're bringing the film back to the big screen and letting you guys in on the fun. It's also nice to hear about the overwhelming demand Columbia gets for prints of the film.

By the way, do you have any idea how much they're paying to rent the print? I've thought about opening my own art cinema to show rare and cult films but I suspect that it would cost so much that I'd never be profitable.
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