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By clsicamaro

I'm getting married on Halloween and my fiancee and I are planning on doing a ghostbusters theme for a portion of the night! I don't want to embarrass the Ghostbusters by wearing the only costume I can find online which has a super weak inflatable proton pack! We need the real deal!

Is there anyone on this forum who would be interested in letting me rent their proton pack? I'd be happy to pay a deposit for it to protect against damage, but I don't have a longer term use for it so I don't want to purchase the very expensive ones that I am finding online.

My fiancee is dressing up as the Stay Puft man. We're so excited.

If you're interested in discussing, please contact me at

Thanks for your help!

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By evallded
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You're not likely to find anyone willing to rent a proton pack. Cost aside they are a labor of love with a lot of work and time invested. I can assure wanting to rent one is not a new idea. But you may get lucky.....
By clsicamaro
Thanks, I read that in some of the other forums, but I figured that it was worth a shot. Hoping that someone on here may have an extra one that they would allow to be part of our wedding day. I promise that I will take excellent care of it as I can completely appreciate what a labor of love it is. Fingers crossed!
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By Chace
I wouldn't do it for you (partially because I am in Georgia and would have to ship it) but I have rented mine before.... see as has been said they are expensive and labors of love and will take some damage on every outing even if the user is "careful" I charged a $2,000 deposit (which of course was given back after the pack was returned) and $1,000 for the rental....but also delivered and picked it up in my Ecto.

A few months after I got it back I was at a con and I found they had somehow broken the clear tube and had reattached it inside the thrower....WITH CHEWING GUM.

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By evallded
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not to mention 1000.00 (minus gas) But I think the important part we are all missing here is.......What flavor was the gum?
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By evallded
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DAMN!! Jealous, I haven't had fruit strip in years! it was all the cool when I was a kid......and I have no idea why.

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