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By keoni
im close enough to dubuque ia to claim it :wink: :grin:

hey scarymcclary, you gotta check out that new stoney creek inn hotel. its sweet, i work for the galena property
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By keoni
IM TOTALLY INTERESTED IN THE LOGO!!! and would like to be a distance member, I basically live next to Dubuque (about an hour and a half north of the QCA) so I claim it as well.
By DRoomProductions
It's either a 63 or 64 and it's in decent shape, the guy wants around 1300 for it the last time I checked. Needs some work for sure...back right window is cracked and replacing it could cost a bit, door hinges need to be replaced, minor body work. Still, the guy has been trying to get rid of it for quite a while, so maybe it could be a future ecto!

Just as a reference, here's a picture of the same model.


I also just found these pictures of the actual one for sale in Dubuque on my phone. These are from about a year ago.


By DRoomProductions
I came really close to getting it a few months back, but it just wasn't in the cards. Kind of a scary project anyway, as it's next to impossible to find parts. That back window that was cracked was going to cost almost as much as the car to replace!
By DRoomProductions
bowzer: Honestly, I don't know. When I went to check it out the guy didn't have a battery in it. I had been considering buying it and was going to go back a few days later but I ended up changing my mind. From what he told me it runs okay, and I think he said he had the brakes done a couple of years ago. It has a butt load of miles on it though, as the guy used it as a family vehicle for a few years and took a couple of cross country road trips in it. The problem is that you can't just drop any old engine into the thing, it has to be an International because they just aren't compatible with much else.

As you can see in the picture, it has most of its original lights, but when I asked the guy if they still worked or not he said he didn't know...which means no I'm sure. Also, like I said, the back right window is cracked pretty bad and I made a few calls to get an idea how much it would cost to replace. $1100 was the answer I got. Other than that the only real issues are the door hinges (which sag like hell), and some minor rust.

keoni: I was thinking about it, but like I said I'm not 100% set on the look yet. But if I do I will def let you know.
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By ghoulishfright
Yo, FYI I'm from Iowa. Just moved out of Iowa City - now I'm in Keokuk (SE corner). I don't have a pack or trap unfortunately, just a sweet flightsuit, a decked-out utility belt, and some nice ecto-goggles.
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By Tyrael
Grew up around Iowa City, went to Iowa State for college. I'd also be interested in the patch if they end up being made.

Also, I staff regularly for AnimeIowa, so if anyone wants to meet up for some photos, let me know!
By MandoMan
Des Moines ghosthead here. All I got right now is the jumpsuit/patches, ecto goggles, and belt with custom PKE meter. I'll be attending the I-Con (small comic convention in Altoona) this coming Saturday. A friend of mine who is currently living in Illinois will be coming down for it as well, he's got a similar set-up to me, although he'll have his Ford Focus turned Ectomobile in tow.
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By BustingCO
DRP you know I am down as a cedar rapids ghostbuster glad too see I am not alone in iowa spending all night looking at buld plans and other ghostbuster related topics :) I like the look of the ambulance I have a few leads in old
By MandoMan
DRoomProductions wrote:Announcing the official start of the Iowa Ghostbusters franchise! All are welcome, and hopefully will be interested in joining! Who else thinks it would be bad ass to meet up in Des Moines next Halloween?

Hell yeah, next Halloween sounds great! By then, I'll have my pack and other bustin' equipment done.
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