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By theorize
Picked one up in-store in Toledo, OH today. Spirit on Alexis had two, now one. One of mine is shipping, other hasn't moved. May have a friend grabbing one from me who wants to do a Ghostbusters suit, if not I'll let everyone know if we have an extra available at cost.
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By Tyko
Nice! Was thinking of taking a silver sharpy to my sons. Also need to find a rod for the ion arm.
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By theorize
So, bottle of folkart metallic silver sterling, 2 paper towels. I used the paper towels to just rub/smear paint around, that's it. I may touchup some places with a brush that should have more weathering, but that's about it. Didn't sand it, prep it in anyway... just slapped paint on.
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By Tyko
Easy enough. Definitely adds depth to the packs default flat color. Makes some details pop.
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By Zharthaddeus
Looks great!
By northphotog
Are there any Ghostbusters in Northern Michigan? I live in Petoskey, MI and I am looking to start or join a group in this area! I am working on my proton pack and uniform as I type this

Nice work!
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