For users in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio & Wisconsin.
By joegianco
The title pretty much says it all, well, except for the date I guess. The Expo is Sept. 17th. with the guest of honor being Jim Sternako.

I never knew that Cincy had something like this so I was really excited when I saw the advertisement in my local comic shop. Being a huge comic fan I was already going to go but then I saw that they were going to have a costume contest as well.

Now that I have another day/excuse to show off my, finally, completed pack I thought I would see if anyone else knew about the Expo or would be interested in meeting up. I keep hearing about a lot of 'busters in the Cincinnati area but I have never met anyone.

P.S. I was reading the details of the costume contest and it seems like there is an opprotuniy to be in the Harvest Home Fair Parade on Sept. 8th. It says that the expo has secured a spot in the parade and is looking for some cosplayers to march.
By joegianco
Well, I'll give this one last bump in case anyone missed it. I will be there Saturday. I'm mostly going for the comics but it would still be nice to meet up with some local area gb's if anyone is interested.
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