For users in: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont.
By Roamingvapor
So I'm looking around for other ghostheads and find not one, but three groups in NH.
The Real Ghostbusters of New Hampshire
The Salem Ghostbusters
The Marshal Division.

Are we that numerous or is it small groups with more focused interests?
By MRblahface
GBNH is the first, then there is the Salem Ghostbusters, but they are more build around that guys Non profit organization, and the Marshall Division is in Michigan I think. Also There is Negate, which is-int a franchisee per say, but a alliance. And the baystate Ghostbusters do alot of stuff in the Portsmouth/ Dover/ Rochester area. Massachusetts has I think 6 franchisees. There are alot of franchises, but no where near that of the florida's and texas's of the world.
By MRblahface
To add that, and to answer the first question, Most of the franchisees, are small, groupings of friends, the only two big ones is the Salem, and MA ghost busters.

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