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By FunkPunkTwang
joeghostbuster wrote:kevin are you guys selling those GBNH shirts? I'd definitely plunk down $20 for one. maybe once I get a decent pack built I can join the festivities as well. ... -t-shirt-1
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By Foom Man
We had a pretty hefty update to the site today.

The whole team got together this weekend for Derek's birthday- so we managed a brief photo shoot with some of our gear and put the photos to good use on the site.


The Video section of our site got a few choice updates- including a clip from NY Comic-Con 2009 (where Jon and I first met). If you check the page and that video you'll see some familiar faces including Jon & myself, Some Guy, Boomerjinks, and more.

We also put up our Red Cross link to the Haii Relief fund- who we'll be collecting from for the next few events we attend. We're also selling shirts through our site, so if you feel like giving and donating to a worthy cause why not grab a GBNH t-shirt? All the profits go to the Red Cross.

Anyways, you can read up the lengthy update at the site. Thanks for checking it out (assuming you do!)

-Kevin :cool:

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