For users in: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont.
By Shadesjm
Any Busters in the MA area feel like heading out to Witches woods in gear. I went last year on Halloween and it was incredible amounts of fun interacting with guests and volunteers. May be a fun gathering one night in the coming week?

I'm thinking about heading to Salem in gear for Halloween this year. Anyone else planning on this or has gone in the past and would offer a warning?

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By Foom Man
Actually used to work at witches woods. In college I worked at the ski lodge- Nashoba.

Salem is crazy on Halloween, it's like mardi gras for New England. I've got every year for 8 years in this my second going with gbnh. There are hordes of people in costume, live music- the works.

I might be down for going to witches woods- I'll ask some of the guys if they'd be able to swing down for a night (schedules permitting).
By Shadesjm
Thanks for the info Kevin. I just got my pack up to snuff so I'll make extra sure to bolt and screw everything on! If any of you gents decide on heading out to the woods let me know. Maybe I'll bump into ya'll in salem. Take Care


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