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By Spengs
Kinda surprised nobody started this topic before the October 13th screenings.

With 2 official screenings of Ghostbusters to go, I wanted to get an idea if any of you were going to see Ghostbusters either this Thursday or on the 27th.

If you're going, please post which theater. It could possibly help fans meet up with one another. if you're in a franchise, I'd be interested to know if you'll be wearing your flight suit.

I'll probably (won't know until Thursday) attend the screening at Marquee Cinemas in Toms River, NJ. Haven't decided yet if i'll be suiting up. I moved down to South Jersey 2 years ago and haven't met any local fans off-line. It'd be cool to experience the movie with other fans.
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By Spengs
I know this past Monday was Ghostbusters toys/trap day. The showing is tomorrow and er the last official one is next week. Anyone in Jersey going that are apart of these forums?
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By Josh Foote
I was at the showing in Cherry Hill last Thursday.

This Thursday I am going to see the movie in Bensalem, PA (right over the Burlington-Bristol bridge).

Don't know where I am going to see it on the 27th yet, maybe Burlington.

I am trying to see the movie all around.
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By FeinDTacticS
njukgb wrote:Seeing GB on the big screen, as originally seen, was great- roughly 1/4 to 1/2 full theatre.... and the only one in GB gear. It was enjoyable.

I was the only one in GB gear at my showing also.. I enjoyed being the only one for once actually

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