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By Chace
I saw a request in another thread for the group pic and since I've been home all day doing nothing I thought I'd start the DC 12 thread.

These pics have been stolen from the net!

PKE Surge Group Photo (About 15 more showed up between the time this pic was taken and when the parade began)


The League of Handsome Gentlemen (and Matt Burkit)


Kemp the day after going to the Emergency Room


My car behind the Carolina boys...(there was a special Ecto there but I'm not posting pics of it because the owner has not officially unveiled it yet.)


Garee's awesome Samhain


Shaky Cam? Nice Job You Did! :)


Our deserving award winners! (And Matt Burkit)


There, that should get you guys post away!!!!!
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By bpontheair
And who was the guy with the white coat and red pants, sorry i Don't get that reference.
That's Robert from the Alabama GBs. He's a big Scooby-Doo fan, and Shaggy apparently showed up as a ghost hunter at some point.

By 69428scj
So I think I might go on record saying that the Ect-Ohio will be in attendance next year...maybe. Looks like there was a lot of fun to be had and I missed out.
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By Borzou
why the heck is borz all the way over to the right and confused in that first one?
I was late because I was too busy talking with the Mass Effect crowd to notice that everyone left. Also, I wasn't sure if the cameraman would be able to get me in the picture.
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By Chace
Loren, I'm holding you to that sir. I'd love it if you could come down next year. Obviously we'd love to have the Ecto here, but either way I wanna see you at DC next year! After all, DragonCon is a magical place where we can truly be ourselves...for example I can embrace my German heritage..


and Borz and T.J. can be themselves as well!!!

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By Harry Bardwell
yup that's me as Ghostbuster Shaggy. In the UK commercials they actually call him Ghostbuster Shaggy no less, and when I found out that bit of info I knew what my parade costume was gonna be :).
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By tito
I have tagged everything I took with a Ghostbuster in it here: (I may have missed a few)


My entire set of Dragon 2103 pics are here:


If you wish to friend me on Flickr please let me know you're from here and include your GBFans username in the friend request! Friending me will allow you to download the highest resolution copy of the pictures.

Thanks guys for making this year a blast!

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