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By Rafaed
Hello everyone,

I just moved to Holly Springs, North Carolina and would like to meet Ghostheads in the area. I've been here for a couple of weeks and really don't know anybody yet. Currently I am living in Holly Springs but I will probably move to Raleigh in the future because of my job.
Even more, I would like to be a member of any GB team in the area. I was part of GBPR for a couple of years, so I have experience with groups. I also own a nice set of GB2 props, including a proton pack, trap, goggles, pke, KUD meter and a Slime Blower!!! All of them built by me and as screen accurate as possible... I also own both uniforms with all the gear. Curently I'm building a Slime Scoop and a subway rubber suit and plan to build a Gigameter in the future, for a true GB2 collection.



If anyone can help, please PM me.

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By Jangonate
I'm in Durham. My fave suit is GB2. Not the best with props, but picked up a beat up back from someone several years ago and repaired it. Need to assemble a new wand at some point, too.
By wkbarkov
We are all fairly close to one another. I'm in the same boat with you as far as props go. I'm repairing one I built 10 years ago and also working on a "dollar store" or budget pack. It would be cool to all get together for any some events if possible.
By JCool
Late to the party as well on this one.

Welcome to the area!

I'm over in Raleigh, haven't done much cosplay but have a complete suit a lot of extras.

I've also been thinking that we need a NC / Raleigh Ghostbusting group. How about we all get together at some point over drinks and see what forms?

Ideas for upcoming events where it'd be fun to contribute:
-Ghostbusters Lego Firehouse release / launch party at the Lego Store (I'm also a big Lego fan and have good relations with the Lego Store at Crabtree Valley Mall, would be fun to convince them to do a launch event for the new set coming out on Jan. 1)
-Other Charity events in the area?
-NC ComicCon (we just missed this one, but I heard there was an Ecto there, might be good to link up with them if they're local)

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By wkbarkov
Sounds good to me man! My wife is getting in to Ghostbusters especially with the new movie coming out. We're hoping to get something put together for her by the time the new movie releases. I also have three boys. The oldest is 6 and he LOVES ghostbusters so working on something for him as well.
By Rafaed
Hey guys...
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!! I really love the idea of meeting and seeing what develops. It would be great to make a new group. I know a couple of guys that would be interested too. JCool, the ideas you proposed sound great and you can count with me. Also I had the opportunity to go to NC ComicCon and the NCGB's ecto-1 was there. I had the chance to take some pictures with it.... and we even got interviewed...
Check it out: ... stbusters/

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