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By Chace
Planning is underway for PKE Surge 2017!

The first order of buisness is the parade....we were told that last year was to be the last year for the parade...

GOOD NEWS! That is NOT the case!

This year will be the last year of the parade PART II

our ribbons and vehicle spots have been obtained!

More news to come as it develops
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By Chace
I realized I updated the PKE Surge Facebook page but didn't do it here!

The table has been reserved and will be in the Hilton again...and awards are being put together now as well. We are working on what the panel will involve right now, and trying to add things to do at the fan table...

Also here's this year's logo!

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By doctorevil30564
Just requested to join the group and got approved. Before I post in the FB group, wanted to ask if it was OK for me to put up a post to advise about working on putting a new georgia group together for North Georgia and inviting anyone who is lives in that area who is interested in joining to come check us out and and hang out with us in our facebook group, We're still working on a logo design everyone can agree on and also have to plan for a meet up so all the potential members can meet each other in person and see if we have the right mesh of personalities to make a group that'll work and everyone can enjoy being a member of.
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By Chace
Not in the PKE Surge group...the purpose of that FB page is to pass information about the PKE Surge events and share photos from Surge etc.

Similarly, we don’t allow for sale threads or patch charging or the like. There are TONS of groups for stuff like that.

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