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By astrolux
I am originally from Pittsburgh, but have lived down here since I was 11 (about to be 30). Any cosplayers/fans? I don't see too many around at conventions or anything we have here. I think there is one guy that lives in SC that built an ecto-1, but that's about it.
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By morganskye
Yeah there's a movie concert at the Greenville Peace Center on 10/30. they're showing the movie with a live orchestra doing the music. I've seen the Harry Potter ones here in Chs and it's a pretty good show.

I've already called them to see about costumes/props. Packs are a no-go, but uniforms, goggles (so long as we don't have them on our face) and other hand held things are ok. They also have an 18" bag requirement (as in nothing longer than).
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By morganskye
lol I asked on your FB page if any of you were going to the concert but I never heard anything back ;)
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By roopjm
I believe we are trying to work out the details with the venue, but I know a few members have tickets
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By roopjm
Message the page if you're interested. We have a process for membership, and we are located all over the state.
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By JediChris1138
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Just moved back to Columbia!
Awesome! Hit us up on Facebook! Where'd you come back from?
Columbia->Los Angeles->West Palm->Orlando->West Palm->Columbia!

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