For users in: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia.
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By Catgir
I am a MS GB. though I live in the middle of the state in Carthage. :cool:

Though I am currently unemployed since I just lost my seasonal job at Geyser Falls Water Theme Park. So making a pack or a suit will be tough right now. Plus me and my bf are going to attend NDK in denver this year (yeah my bf in CO...he is helping pay for my way to it)

I plan to someday to have the full suit. If anyone can help me out it would be awesome. I dunno if we all could get together and make a team, but it would be a blast if we could!
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By rpburke1978
I'm right next door to you over in Louisiana. I haven't found more than two other hardcore GB fans in my state. I was just asked to go stand in front of the Anytime Fitness in Gulfport in full gear to draw in attention. However, I won't be able to do it for two more weeks because I have this weekend booked and next weekend is Dragon Con. I told the owner that all the money he pays me will go to the ASPCA. Are there any takers who can go do this in my stead? I'm trying to work it to where payment would happen for each new member signed up at the gym. The owner'd likely do a radio ad on the day of the appearance. Shoot me a PM and I'll see if this guy is really really serious about doing this or if he was just yanking my chain. I'm also affiliated with the Steel City Ghostbusters. How does a guy from the south become a member of a GB group up north? If you wanna do this gig, I'll tell ya.
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By Alex41
I'll have to pass on that one. I too am going to DC in the next week and this weekend is booked.

On another note, I hope to run into you at DC. Its always cool to meet people who live within an hour of me two and three states away. :)
By jakescorpion
I'm from south Mississippi. I joined last year when I started building a replica pack. It's almost finished, just need a couple of more parts to finish it. If there are any other GB fans nearby, let me know. It would be nice to know that i'm not the only one around here.
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By Doug
I'm new here and from north MS (Desoto County, which is a suburb of Memphis, TN). I'm totally down for helping start up a MS chapter if anymore are interested. Since we're so spread out, we should meet in different locations once a month or something?

-I have a pack
-Ecto Goggles
-Two uniforms
By draven82
if anyone is interested in joining we got a group in central mississippi up and running called the Real Mississippi Ghostbusters if anyone wants to join or help just search for Real Mississippi Ghostbusters on facebook
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By Doug
if anyone is interested in joining we got a group in central mississippi up and running called the Real Mississippi Ghostbusters if anyone wants to join or help just search for Real Mississippi Ghostbusters on facebook
Considered making this a state wide affair?? :whatever:

I'd love to join and actually do community events and such.
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The Real Mississippi Ghostbusters have a great thing going with great people. I'm sure they'd love to have you! They've been to some of our events and we even have joint membersship with them. You can't go wrong here, Doug! You can reach them via Facebook as well.

By BigC
i'm moving to the meridian area.
By draven82
oh cool I am from brandon as well and am president of the Mississippi Ghostbusters if your interested in joining add us on facebook we are the one with the picture of 3 busters. Our next big event will be Wizard World in new orleans with our parent franchise the LAGBs
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By vipertv
Any new developments in the south Mississippi area? New Orleans, Slidell, Mobile? I met up with some of the Louisiana Ghostbusters at WizardWorld in New Orleans earlier this year. Where are all of the local 'busters?
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By Dragon 7782
Another MS Ghostbuster checking in. I am in the Pearl/Brandon area. I have one homemade pack but I am going to start a better one here in the next month or so. Got to get the funds together first. My time is really split with family, 501st, Ghostbusters, and Guitar lessons (take them not giving them). I know of 2 others who will be doing costumes soon & and 2 that already have costumes. Him & his girlfriend do a lot with the LAGB. hope to get a good group going here soon.
By Odain
I am from the Meridian area. While I am kinda new to the whole scene, I have been a GB fan most of my life. I am getting into building my own pack and costumes accordingly. Right now I am just parsing all the data I have been collecting.
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Just to clarify, there are now two different groups in Mississippi with different objectives. We encourage anyone interested to read up on their Facebook pages for more information.

The Louisiana Ghostbusters are currently and have always been affiliated with the Mississippi Ghostbusters since our inception in 2009. We haven't met the other newer group yet.

Here's the MSGB Facebook page: ... ts&fref=ts
By Sandpunk
Hey oh! I'm from the Meridian area as well! Although I am currently up in Columbus for culinary school.I'm curious: Is there a reason there are two groups, or did that just happen independently?
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By Dragon 7782
It is a long story and I will not get into it on here in the public boards, pm me and I will give ya the details if you must know. But all in all both groups are here to give back to the public by helping charity groups in the state of Mississippi. I am in the Ghostbusters of Mississippi group which can be found on Facebook at ... ississippi
I think both groups can be good for anyone who has a love for ghostbusters. And maybe one day both groups can merge and become one large group for doing good. If the other group want to see that happen as well the invitation is alway open for disscusion. Welcome to the world of ghostbusting and hope to hear more from ya. I know right now the group I am in we are not doing much because a lot of us have been getting ready to go to dragon con. Feel free to comtact me at anytime for more info.

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