For users in Canada. Eh?
By Rye Guy
Hi, I am am and my name is Ryan. I live in Vancouver BC and I start making my pack and trap next month (Sept). I will posting pics of the making of and asking questions on a regular basis.
By KinutaTsuchi
British Columbia!!


Oh yes yes I was sent by the lovely and talented Andy_2_Cool so a few GB woots/air humps for him everyone!!!

I will be cosplaying GB for a few cons so maybe one of you will see me around.

Take care everyone Love and kissles*
~Kei Li
St. Albert, Alberta (just outside of Edmonton)

This is my first post. I am happy to see so many other Canadian Ghostbusters!
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By Marsupial
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

I'll be looking in making the uniform soon, and a ghost trap. I might use some tips ;) altough this is in another part of the forums.
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By Denike
Howdy folks. I'm from Burlington, Ontario.

So I've been trying to build a Ghostbusters costume for a while now and I'm going through ebay pages and other assorted websites when this one pops up. Let me say: I am impressed! Everything I've been looking for is here, and to top it off - it's full of people who love this stuff as much as I do... More even!

I'm geekin' out about it now, but I can't wait to post my suit once it's built. If for nothing else; to see if I did it right. :)
By DooM1977
Welcome Man!

You're right when you say that everything you need is right here! Take your time, read, and you're going to be building your butt off in no time.
By JeremyW
Hi everyone! Jeremy Webster from Calgary, Alberta.

I've been obsessed with Ghostbusters since I was a young lad and am looking forward to building a pack in the oncoming year!!
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By Marsupial
Hi Jeremy.

nice to see I'm not alone in that situation.

We're not that far apart, maybe we'll meet someday in conventions or something, would be great.
By Funkzilla
That's right, I moved on Oct. 1st. I'm now between Barrie and Orillia. :)
Aw geez, I'm so out of the loop. I guess I should have realized that when you were having that "moving sale" a while back.

If you haven't checked them out already, Sculpture Supply Canada in T.O. is a pretty decent place to pick resins, silicone and whatnot.

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By Ramzi
Wow! There are a lot of us.

I'm from Ottawa, Ontario. I've just started my GB outfit and plan to rock out in it at Anime North this year. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have a full proton pack ready by then, but I'll still have an awesome costume after sifting through all the advice on this site.
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