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By askernas
After following countspatulas 3d files, and making the metal sides myself from 0.8mm thick aluminium, this is where I'm at.

The pedal needs a bit of paint work still, but it is winter and cold outside, and I ran out of black paint just before Christmas =p

Instead of running a wire through the hose and modifying the connectors, I have simply added a small remote control, located in the right box, that is triggered when I press the pedal. Inside the trap will be the receiver and other electronics, just wanting for smaller sprockets..

This will be fully automated as well =)

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By RamaSha007
Not very far along one mine, but I finally got enough parts to start test fittings. Nothing here is held together by screws yet, just sorta leaning together.


Although I may have to replace the gold parts. I work at the local library and used the 3d printer there to make this. Since I was gonna putty, sand, and paint most of the parts anyway, so I just used what was left over from other patrons project. The red and green parts turned out OK, but the gold parts have been cracking when doing test assembly. So a slight set back there.
By JAnderson392
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I have to say this trap kit looks amazing. I started printing some parts over the weekend. I was curious about the handle and handle frame. The chart says to use increased infill. I normally print with 20%. I'm just curious as to what others have used. Would 50% be enough or should I go even higher.

By JAnderson392
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countspatula wrote:Glad your like my kit. You shouldn't need to go a lot higher 50 should be more than enough. I usually do 30-35

Thanks for the advice. I will post pictures when I have all the parts printed.

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