By johnminterc
I know it hasn't been done or to my knowledge at least but I'm going to put together a kit of all real knobs for the GB1 hero trap. I believe I've found all of them. front two may not be the exact make but they look exactly like the resin cast knobs.I think I'll have at least 5 kits not sure on price yet some of the knobs are pricey. but heres a pic of the side 1 knob of course without the skirt on it. also I'm going to include a real CAL R resistor with the knobs. also I bought a bunch of these from a guy who had a bunch of old heathkits so I know its right [url=][img]https://im ... .jpg[/img][/url]
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By johnminterc
I believe the round front knobs are actually Davies Molding 1200 series, they do not have indicator fins like the Heathkit
damn! I think you're right I just looked and they seem pretty spot on
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By Hijacker
If I remember correctly, the image of the GB1 hero trap you show is actually a hybrid/repaired trap. Those knobs are for GB2. There was a thread from way back in the day where quite a few references to the movie were used to ID the front knobs. One is silver and the other is black.

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