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By Dan Shannon
i posted this back on asap many years ago as well as talked to a couple of others afterwords and never actually got a response back from anyone.

Now, I have a basic idea on how the toy trap works - It's a forced air pneumatic system, but made from shitty cheap plastic. i was curious if anyone actually dissected a toy trap to figure out how it worked.

any help would kick ass.
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By TankHammer
Easy. I was able to figure this out as a child so I'm not sure how you're confused about it.

The "pedal" is like a balloon. It's a semi-rigid plastic/rubber that will return to it's original shape after it's been stepped-on.

Think of it like a juice-box I guess. When you squeeze a juice box it forces the contents (in this case: juice, in the toy: air) out of the container.

The chord of the ghost-trap toy was just a hollow tube, so if you stepped on the trap hard-enough the air would be forced through the tube and into the trap, where the gust of air-pressure was usually enough to pop the doors open on their cheap, little hinges.

I remember my toy would either get jammed in the 'open' position or would slam shut too quickly to toss the little toy ghost into it.

I hope I've been clear.

short answer: Squeeze rubber "pedal", air goes through tube to trap, air pushes trap doors open, gravity closes them (sometimes).
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By Dan Shannon
it would only pop open for a second? what a load.
By zeta otaku
It depended a lot on three things 1) The pedal's condition 2) the force used to press on the pedal 3) the kid

A short story, but, my friend and I were heavy into Ghostbusters (duh) as kids and we both had traps. His pedal was very stiff and would take a LOT of force to stomp down on. Here, the trap only opened for a second before slamming shut. Mine, on the other hand, had a bit more give and depending how hard you stepped on it, you could really manipulate how the trap opened. With some practice, I figured out how to make it so one stomp would open the trap and leave the doors open and a second stomp would close it... usually ;) The problem was that the rubber for the pedal wasn't uniform and some pedals would dry out and crack. Mine was sold at a garage sale before it really dried out, but it always worked great.
By Tralan
I repainted mine for my own costume. In doing so, I took the doors off so I wouldn't get paint on them. They're re-attached, but they won't open anymore. I they are most likely out of the sockets that held them in place. Bummer, but I had no intentions of using it anyway. Just for show on the costume.
By realghosthunters
it would only pop open for a second? what a load.
From what i've seen on a few videos, the doors would stay open for as long as your foot was on the pedal. Don't take this as an actual piece of info because I don't have one myself. :whatever: I'll update you if i get one.
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By Bruenor Odinson
Yep, as long as your foot is on the pedal it should stay open. Mine does.
As long as I kept the pedal pressed down hard the doors stayed open, and thats with the magnet inside the doors which works the lights.

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