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By OCP_Model-001
Another wee update tonight while im here, a few snaps of progress this week, slow and steady does it ;)

Been working on the 15 pin connection between the cart and the main shell housing, think I have it where im happy, and it's neater now, while still connecting properly. I had to compromise slightly on the position of the male part, and move it out a bit so it mates properly with the female, it's hard to get it to engage if the male part is flush with the back of the cartridge, any hoo, pics time..


Cartridge, moves well on rail, and meets the connection all lined up. Got a piece made up for the top of the cartridge, might need to be thicker so will need a 2mm spacer underneath, to ensure the door hinges are clear of the ear fixtures, and speaking of the ears, finally got the holes drilled and counter bored..


Starting to take shape!
That's about it for this week, chat soon ;)

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By barison82
Man oh man, that looks epic. Looking very clean indeed mate, great progress, can't wait for more....
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By galeap
OCP looking good mate.
I just finished my aluminium pack and working on a wall hanging bracket for it this weekend and then was going to starting making an alloy trap. You progress looks good and informative too.

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By OCP_Model-001
Only seeing this post today Pete sorry, thanks for your kind words. I'm sure your trap will turn out very good, I have not touched mine in months, I will get back to it someday hopefully ;)

I will keep an eye out for your project :D

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