By GhostyMcGee
Hi, new poster so apologies if this is a silly question. I’m looking to put something in my ghosttrap to generate fog/smoke. I’ve seen a few plans online but am really looking for something more plug and play. Maybe just have to wire up a remote button or something.

Any ideas? Thanks
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By ZachAttack622
I'm curious about this myself! I found a tutorial on YouTube using an ecig that I'm going to try out once I receive the parts.

If this works well, I plan on housing the pump and ecig in the bottom portion of the trap and running a silicone hose above one of the LEDs. I'm also planning on cutting the area around the wheels to make an easy access door for refills and replacement batteries. Gonna use turn buttons (like on the back of a picture frame) to lock it shut.

Anyone here have a preferred method for this effect?

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