Post up anything that you may be looking for, and someone might be able to help you.
By Corey91
Are these available anywhere? I can only find stickers and would love to use the transfers instead for a better look. Almost done with my thrower and have had no luck locating any. Thanks!
By Corey91
Have you hit up Arron from Mack’s factory? He makes dry rubs and they’re fantastic (as with all his stuff), I’ve got a set and they are beautiful.

I did message him on eBay as I got his awesome bellow and other metallic pack labels on there. He unfortunately has yet to respond and I don't have a facebook to message him there. Do you know if he is a user on this site so I can PM him?
By Corey91
I emailed him a few weeks back and he said they should be back in stock soon, he updated the files and sent it over to the printers.

Awesome news! Thank you so much!

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