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By Blue Hatter
Hello there, I hope that it's okay for me to post this as it's not strictly Ghostbusters related but I haven't found anywhere else to ask. I'm looking to see if there might be someone who is interested in a commission for a (hopefully simple) electronics rig for a costume prop that I'm working on. What I need is something that will play a sound and rapidly flash a couple LED lights (or a string of fairy lights, if that's possible) when a button/trigger is held, and runs on batteries. It doesn't need to be anything fancy or elaborate, the cheaper the better, and it doesn't need to do anything more than that. If it could play one of two sounds randomly when triggered that would be icing on the cake but it's not required.

The lights would need to be on a length of wire of around eight inches long, and the battery holder (whatever kind of battery it is) would hopefully be in a length of wire as well, though it could be shorter than the light wire. Having the button/trigger on a wire would be nice, too, but if it's not I can work with it to get it in a place on the prop that works so that isn't a big issue.

Is there a chance that anyone would be able and interested in making something like this? If so, how much would you charge for it? Thank you for your time!

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