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By GBFamon
I got my shell and bumper about a week ago (I'm horrible about feedback), and I love both. Very little cleanup to be done. Excellent product, Mike. Thank you.

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By ajbernard
speaking of being horrible about leaving feedback hell Im sorry Mike it took this long but I am very happy with my shell I purchased a few months ago. He had great communications and shipped quickly. Thanks agian and looking forward to purchasing a bumper from you soon!
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By FunkPunkTwang
about 5 years ago my wife tried to buy me a pack on eBay as a Christmas gift before I knew anything about prop building he sold her a pack for $600 on eBay plus shipping. She bought it in early November. It came in 1 week before Christmas.

Well the pictures on the auction were not of the actual item, what he sent was a tiny little pack that was disgustingly far from accurate has was shipped very poorly and badly damaged. Once she realized she was screwed she try to get her money back but he wouldn't have any of that.

She spent all our xmas money that year on a gift for me and got screwed hard for it.

Nothing like my fiancé at the time sitting me down crying telling me about about what happen and how she was screwed.
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By skeg_man
Talk about being slack... I always forget feedback. Bought some gear off Mike a little while back and I was very impressed with it. Being international, I'm always a little concerned but he had great coms and posted the items real fast. Really happy dealing with him. I look forward to out next transactions mate. :):)
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By jamisoncsmith72
I've had one of his shells as I've been collecting parts for it a couple of years now. Over time my shell has been falling apart. The outside resin has been cracking off. Everyone I've shown have said its awful fiberglass work. I've been trying to reinforce and fill it but at thw same time other areas are cracking as well. I first notified him when I first got the shell but he said it must have been cracked from shipment and that shipping out a replacement would only lead to that one getting cracked in shipment again. I have been trying to fix the shell over the years and I just realized to leave feedback about it.
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By TK5759
Bought a booster tube plug from Mike, very impressed with his work. USPS tracking info wasn't working but I don't think that's his fault. The plug itself is about 1/8" too wide for my booster tube but that's nothing a little dremel work won't fix. Very satisfied with Mike and won't hesitate to buy from him again.
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By jimfin
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My son (sephiroth) and I have purchased several shells and wand kits from Mike in the past year. The accuracy and texture on the pack was great and the gun kits were well made and relatively inexpensive considering the ability to twist and pop built in to the basic wand. Would not hesitate to recommend Mike for your GB needs, great response to communication as well.
By twmedford23
I purchased a shell and several resin parts from Mike. Shipping was quick and very little cleanup was needed. The parts are certainly great but the shell is AMAZING.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
I haven't purchased anything from him yet but had planned to buy a fully built pack with sounds and lights already in...Anyone gotten anything recently like that? I really don't want my big purchase to be a bad experience and sour my taste.
By twmedford23
I tried to hold out on writing this for as long as I could but I'm going to have to leave negative feedback for Mike. I should point out that I've purchased from him in the past and and have been extremely happy, with both his products and communication. But for whatever reason, he just didn't seem to deliver this time around. In an effort to avoid making a long, cumbersome post, I'll try to stick to just the basics of the transaction.

Back in February, I paid in full for a GB1 pack commission. Early communication was pleasant - he said the pack should be ready by April and that he would provide regular updates with pictures. But throughout the course of the build, I had to ask for updates as none were provided voluntarily. When I did ask, he usually did reply but on a couple of instances, requests were ignored until I politely asked again. Mike was never unpleasant in any of these communications. I did feel a little peeved that I had to ask for these updates in the first place, but I must stress, this wasn't that big of a deal since I know he is busy building these things for others.

Fast forward to June, I finally received the pack. And it looked great. One thing he did was include a GBfans bellows, to make up for the extra wait time. Totally unexpected and very cool! A few things had to be tightened as the shipping process undoubtedly jarred them loose but otherwise, the workmanship was first rate. Until I turned on the electronics. The pack operated fine for about 10 minutes then the lights on the pack began to malfunction and eventually stopped working completely. The sound began acting erratically as well. I immediately messaged Mike and he was very responsive. We ended up talking on the phone in an effort to figure out the problem and when we couldn't, he decided it would be best if he sent me a replacement electronics kit. Again, communication here was very pleasant and he seemed to genuinely want to correct the problem. The last we spoke about the issue, he said the kit would be in the mail by the 17th. But no such kit has arrived.

So I have a great looking pack with no working electronics. I didn't want to write anything here as I was expecting Mike to fulfill his promise of getting the electronics issues taken care. And before writing this, I messaged Mike one more time on his Facebook page to see if there were any updates but he never got back to me. So there's that.
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By twmedford23
Just a quick update on my post above. Mike did get in touch with me me - the parts have shipped and he included a tracking number.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
Please keep us posted. I have been planning on ordering a pack from him in January but was also looking at Eric Gunther and am really torn on this. I don't have a lot of experience at pack building so I sure don't want to end up having to try to take something apart that I don't understand
Reading all the mixed reviews on here I'm adding my experience so far to this thread. I'm a new member to the site, after seeing Ghostheads I figured mike was one of the ones I'd talk to about a full pack commission. First emails were immediate response, less than 24 hrs. I know upfront that if I was gonna order a pack near Halloween I'm prob asking for trouble, but with how communication was originally I figured I was in decent hands. I made 2 payments and was given the all go to have it before Halloween. I emailed him mid Oct asking how things were going, and got an email stating they were working on 13 packs, if that's true I assume some others on here ordered 1. He says he will be in contact before shipping it out, I planned on being home that day. Oct 30th comes, I have a small box in the mail, hey it's the proton gun, cool maybe the pack will be here tomorrow, man, there is a tracking number, what the heck. I emailed him 2 more times now saying that the gun looks great, and if the pack went out yet, I know they ship separate, so I know they have tracking info for that package. At what point do you say, I doubt this thing was shipped. I know coming off Halloween was prob super busy but this is a lot of money I spent, and I'm literally asking for a tracking number that's all. I hate to complain, but it's money and faith in a seller. Hopefully it shows up by Saturday. If not I will file a pay pal dispute.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
Ouch, well keep us posted, were rooting for you man :)

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