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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for Joseph Kerezman (Captain America) (CostumeCostumeCostume).

Please leave feedback for this person if you have completed a transaction with them recently. Remember to keep things factual and relavent to the discussion. Do not comment if you do not have a reason to (ex. you haven't had a transcation with them), and remember once a comment is submitted you will not be able to edit it. We also do not remove feedback unless it violates a rule, so do not be afraid to leave an honest opinion!
By ecto_skywalker
Whilst some people have received their items in a timely fashion, a larger percentage have suffered extreme delays, poor communication, and some customers have not actually received items they paid for. Almost everything Kerezman sells is sold by other more trustworthy and more professional sellers, so it is strongly recommended to avoid him at all costs, and check the sellers who operate in the Marketplace.

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents on Joe Krezeman... When I ordered my patches, two days later they were in my hands. Hands down the most movie accurate patches I have ever seen. I didn't think they were too expensive, 'cause I got exactly what I wanted... He was also very helpful and answered all of my questions.
By CaptainN
J Kerezman - excellent person to deal with. Turn around time was 1 month and 28 days, but that teaches me to wait until August 30 to order my accurate GB II uniform. Never wait till the busy season to order anything is what I preach to others, what do I do wait till busy season to order. Granted I wasn't expecting it for Halloween, but was very excited when it showed up on Thurs. Oct. 28. Definetely order from this guy. He's gonna get my order for a trap or a GB I uniform very very soon.

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By DrTaydusPE
J Kerezman- I bought a no-ghost patch and 2 personalized nametags from him even after my friend had said it took 2 months for his stuff. I had mine about 2 1/2 weeks after the order was placed. I think that's a pretty reasonable amount of time for personalized nametags. I would definitely buy from him again, but anyone that is thinking about it, I would suggest purchasing as far in advance as possible.

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By sonicblaster59
Joseph Kerezman

Pros- :D Excellent craftmanship! Top quality! With the wait. I?d do business with him again. Great artist and propmaker. A+++

Cons- somewhat little to no contact after order. :? This caused a little confusion in me as I was left wondering for a month or so wither or not he got my order or not. Even a small/short PM from him during this time would have worked wonders for me. I can understand if something is taking longer then expected, and I can be very patient. But I need to know whats going on...and if there are delays?I need to know.

All in all, Awesome work?positive feedback left. I?m a Satisfied customer.
By derail
Joseph Kerezman

Ordered a no ghost patch, and a nametag, and it was here within a week! I was getting worried after I didn't receive any other emails than the payment confirmation e-mail, but sure enough they came in the mail a few days later :). Excellent quality, I would order from him again; once I get my suit, I'm going to sew these beauties on. 8)

Thanks again Joseph!
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By corruptparadise
J. Kerezman A+++++

Ordered patches from him (GB1 nametag/log GB2 nametag logo) GREAT work and fast shipment. Highly recommended
By almasy
What a headache.

I was looking for things to complete my costume, so I sent J Kerezman Costumes an email on October 11th asking if I made an order, would it be there for Halloween. I received an email right back saying yes, I would get it before Halloween. So that same day I ordered:

1 DyedWebBelt Custom Dyed Web Belt @ $ 19.99 = $ 19.99

1 SpenglerNameTag Spengler Name Tag @ $ 12.00 = $ 12.00

1 NoGhost1 No Ghost Patch @ $ 8.00 = $ 8.00

So, after shipping my order came to $48.49

Long story short, it didn't come the Friday before Halloween for my big party. No big deal, I was excited to have it for Halloween. Saturday, Nothing. Monday, Nothing. It never came on Halloween.

I emailed them back and they said they were very sorry, that I was going to get a full refund on my Credit Card and to just keep the order when it came for my trouble. They said my refund would be on my card by the end of the week.

So, it has been more than a week. No package, and no refund. I keep sending emails, and even called an left a message - no response. I have been very civil and understanding in all of my communication (I have saved everything) but this is getting ridiculous now.

Has anyone else had trouble with them? Any advice on what to do?
By batmantis
No problem here... Ordered NG patch and Stantz Tag... arrived in plenty of time for Halloween. Sorry to hear you had problems.
By Real LI Ghostbusters
I too have ordered from him. I have had problems too. I got his stuff off from e-Bay. My patches did not come on the time he stated either. He kept telling me in a couple of days. They never came so then I told him if they did not arrive by the end of the week I WILL have my credit card company dispute the charges. They finally did arrive. A friend of mine ordered from him and had no problems. So its either hit or miss with this guy. So you could either give him one last chance or do what I did. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!
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By irricanian
Dispute the charges with your credit card company before its too late to do anything about it. I think you've given him enough chances to make good and if he's ignoring your inquiries then even more so.

Don't let him burn you, there are other more reputable people out there.

By parmatown
#15604, oh man, oh man, and it seems like it never ends.

Didn't we just go through this awhile back? God, I hope this dosn't turn fugly.

*Parmatown just slips back behind a chair to watch out for falling debris*
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By Goosebuster
Not sure if any one else has had any dealings with this guy but he totally ripped me off. Soon as I placed my order he started Ignoring all my emails. Now I'm $129 plus postage to the U.K out of pocket. Total conman. Beware! :cry:
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By keoni
i think this might violate aj's rules but im not sure

i dont know what to tell you other than do your research when you are going to but out big dollars like that. if you would have done a search about him on here or proptopia you would have found alot of info about that guy.
By GB Ty
I bought my no ghost logo from him. It took him forever untill I got an email. It took over month untill I got my logo.
By GBFreek83
Yeah I bought a custom nametag from him and it took FOREVER to get, but once I did it was very nice, i've also heard other things about him, negative mostly, about responding to e-mails or even sending promised goods.

All I can say is keep trying to contact him, and depending on how you paid, him, E.G. PayPal, start up a dispute or something so you could get your money back and give him the bad credit and online rep he's working up for himself. Good luck.


PS Sorry AJ if this was wrong to respond to, but anybody getting that much $$ ripped deserves a response.
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By PeteVenkman_Jedi
The other thing to consider here is you haven't given us any kind of time line here. How long have you been waiting? Sometimes it takes him a bit of time to make something. If you ordered a uniform than that could take longer than if you ordered a patch.

Kerezman usually comes through, it takes him time and he isn't the best when it comes to communication but he has been around forever and is fairly reputable. Don't panic just yet, I'm sure things will be fine.

Apology to AJ if this crosses any established rules.
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By ghoulishfright
I've heard some negative things about Kerezman too, but I ordered a logo and nametag from him and got them about a week later. My advice is to hold out a while longer. I don't think he would 'con' you altogether, but he might take a long time and be a jerk by not responding.
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By keoni
pvj makes a good point, how long have you been waiting and what is your order? mine took a really long time to get too. but in one of his emails he said that there was a hold up on either the belt or the yellow hose, i dont remember which. but i think it took me two months and all i ordered was the patch and belt with accessories. hes not a con, just slow
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By AJ Quick
Reviews are not against the rules guys.. they are encouraged.
By stephensj
I ordered my nametag and no ghost logo from him, as well as the paratrooper boots. The boots took the longest 2 months, the patches took about 1 month... i wouldnt wait for more than 3 months though
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By Goosebuster
I have been waiting 2 months now. The thing is when I was asking him questions about my order he was getting straight back to me the next day. Soon as the order was made he went quiet. Took 2 weeks to get a reply. And that was only cos I tried another address for him. Didn't look too good from my point of view. Specially as I'm not even in the same country. Oh well suppose you take your chances. I only posted this as a last resort because I have no other way of finding out what the guy is like. From what I've read he's got a resonable rep. Hope he come through for me. :lol:
By druzzer
I ordered my nametag, and no ghost patch from him in September. It took a while, and there was little to know communication, but the package made it here two weeks before Halloween. Not a great communicator, but the work is nice. I guess it took about 5 weeks to have it shipped to Canada.
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By DarkSpectre
I actually placed and order for 2 logo patches. I waited for 3 weeks and the money hadn't been taken from my account. So I sent him an email. He sent one back saying that he never received the order, even though I had a confirmation. But no money was lost, so no harm, no foul. It's a shame Kerezman isn't a bit more organized and prompt because I looked at some of the costumes he has on his site and they are top notch.

By Radar
Kerezman has always been like this. I was involved in the Major Matt Mason collector community from about 1998-2002 and Kerezman made reproduction and custom helmets for the figures. The guy would disappear for weeks on end but 9 times out of 10 his customers got what they paid for, usually months late with little or no communication. He's excellent at what he does (and costuming IS his full-time job) but he's about the slowest in the biz and definitely lacking in communication skills. He's a pretty nice guy from what I've heard but losing business or making people mad by not responding to emails doesn't seem to bother him. The best thing you can do is be patient, but if you're still waiting on your items 3 months after you ordered them, I say you should do what you can to get a refund...or at least an explanation. Within that time frame, there's nothing he sells that you couldn't make yourself or buy from another source.
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By corruptparadise
It took me a few times to contact him after I ordered my Patches, and a couple of "tries" on his part to send it to me, apparently the first set never got to me, so he did me a favor and resent me another set. Patches are GREAT quality, but I have to say it took a good 3 1/2 weeks to get my patches.
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By AJ Quick
It might just depend on who you are.

I emailed my order for a ghost patch, and he replied a few minutes later saying it was in the mail. Two days later.. I got it.
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By gbfreak2021
I ordered three things from him in all I ordered two patches , the no ghost and the custum name and they came very quickly I was very happy.Orered a dyed pistol belt later and never received it and never returned my emails. wasent worth the like 13 dollars to go after him.
By ecto_skywalker
I ordered some patches from him in mid. October of 2005 and received them with in days... I had no previous experience with Joe, nor had I heard anything about him before that. But appearantly It's not supposed to work that smoothly, especially that close to Halloween. I guess I was lucky. :?
By booha
Hey man, I bought a pair of elbow pads and boots back in September, got one email back from him a month later saying things should be in the mail. And that was it, called, emailed and nothing no response no answer, that guy is a piece of shit, I wish I could get my hands on em.
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