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By digitalnarcosis
Excellent kits! The details were amazing. Shipping was fast and communication was EASY.

Item was also packaged very safely. No old smashed up boxes being reused. LOL.

I'll definitely be watching for more offerings from this seller!
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By Ernest Reid
ordered paid hhad a quality product in my hands no time flat,, highest regards!!
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By Jairus
I bought one of the "Unique Fixer-Upper Opportunity" bundles. This, as a second, is honestly a cleaner cast by far than many seller's firsts. Everything fits together well and the details are nice and sharp; very little sanding and filling will be needed. I'm incredibly happy, but of course I have been anytime I've bought from TC. Absolutely recommended.
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By Dukegurl12
Got my kits quickly and efficiently with no problems and great communication. I am new at this but have been following the build thread and so far so good. Thanks again!
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By lordgilpin
Ordered and received the wand kit 3.0 and I'm very pleased with the product as well as the transaction as a whole. It arrived quickly and was quite well packaged! Been wanting a Throwing Chicken kit forever and it did not disappoint!
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By Nboucher2392
I just recieved my TC wand kit 3.0 Friday and let me tell you one thing....Blown away is all i have to say about this. Definately was alot more than i expected. I am truly impressed. Can not recommend enough for one of these kits. Shipping was fast and communication with Chase was superb. If you dont have a TC wand yet, you better get one.
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By 1985gbfan
My kit came in today and I could not be happier. It is everything I wanted and more and TC is a great guy as well, soon as I had a question he was very quick to give me an answer. I cannot wait to get this kit done and on my pack she is going to look amazing!!!
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By Ecto751
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I bought a throwing chicken 3.0 kit and blown away at quality of his work. Great product and great service. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a thrower.
By AMinionOfGozer
Got my V3.0 kit in with the fully assembled front end... the only way this kit can get better is if it was made of gold. Packed perfectly, and all intact! Love it man, keep up the good work!
By zeta otaku
Just got my v3.0 kit today... I can't get over how solid this kit feels. I really want to start assembling this sucker, but I gotta wait for my electronics to get in before I even think about starting this thing :D beautiful kit!
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By Bakelite Dreams
I got one of the 'fixer upper' 3.0 gun kits, although you wouldn't know it by looking at the pieces. I can already see that any fixing work I need to do on this will be minimal, it looks great. I'm pretty excited about putting this together.
By PlayswithSquirels
I purchased one of the Mystery bag gun kits and received it today. Very nicely packed and Quick shipping. Can't wait to get to work on this.
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By THEbryon
Got my V3 and this thing is a beauty! Very easy to put together and nice and solid when finished. Plus the new grey color helps with all the "accidental weathering" that I've already applied to it.
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By Stevey Murray
Got my V3.0 through today and I must say I have never been so delighted with anything in my life. The thrower its absolutely tremendous and the crafrmanship is beyond belief.

There was a superb amount of care taken with the packaging which only added to my pleasure when unboxing it.

The communication was great and if ever I decide to go for another build I know exactly where I will be going

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By ImLost3
just got my V3.0 yesterday, and Have finally pried myself away for dry fitting everything to leave some feedback. What can I say that hasn't already been said? If you haven't got one of these kits, you need to get on the ball! Thank you for putting such an amazing kit together so that even with my meager skills in gluing and screwing it will look super professional.
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By pir8capn
Let me also weigh in on the bucket of awesomesauce that arrived in the mail today. Throwingchicken's gun kit 3.0 is a thing of beauty. It's just so.... clean. No sprues to sand, no bubbles to fill that I can see so far. The walls are perfect and uniform in thickness. The details in the knobs look like they were machined in a metal shop. And it's got this heft to it that makes me want to smirk and yell "Heat 'em up!"

Seriously awesome work. Thanks!
By Durstlimpbizkit
Truly blown away by the quality TC, even though there were 2 extremely tiny imperfections (which you gave me the choice of that or wait for one) this thing looks even better than you played it down.

I can't wait to get this sucker finished and on my pack in progress, great work and this stuff looks amazing. You get so much with the thrower finishing bundle and you've cut my work literally in half. Thanks again!
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By Chace
While I've not purchased from TC I HAVE asked him to make donations to the community on a couple of the thrower for the St. Patrick's pack in New Hampshire and the giveaway thrower for DragonCon.

TC has ALWAYS come through. His work is top notch and he's not afraid to give back.

This is NOT an invitation to ask him for free stuff BTW just an example of how in addition to being an excellent craftsman he's also a hella nice guy.
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By Chevyh0tr0d
TC Is definitely a nice guy. When I saw his Matty trap up for sale I being semi impatient offered him 350 then 400 for it. He being a nice guy took my first offer of only 350. Not only this he answered my 3 or 4 semi annoying private messages asking for updates, and even updated me after just having his widsom teeth Pulled. All around nice guy and definitely values new comers to the community. I would recommend him to any GBFans buyer!!!

Thanks again TC I also absoultely love the Trap!
By Savras
Bought a v3 kit from Chase and was pleasantly surprised to see I had actually received the new and improved v3H. The kit is fantastic, the casting is clean and the detail is amazing. I wouldn't even have to think twice about buying another TC thrower kit.
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By BSjohnson
I ordered a v3h thrower kit from TC a little over two weeks ago, and he immediately asked if I would like to wait a little longer since he was developing a new set of more accurate grips, so I said "Sure, I'm in no rush." I got the kit yesterday and it was worth the extra wait for the new grips. Very good communication the whole way through!
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By bishopdonmiguel
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The v3 thrower kit is a real beauty. TC was very helpful with my pre-buy questions and the kit was shipped quickly.
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By Hoot
I got my V3H kit today after it being delivered on July 11th. Literally, less than a week turnaround from order to ship.
Chase answered my goofball questions with ease, and definitely is a great guy to deal with.

As for the kit, it is as advertised. VERY clean castings. Very. I mean MINIMAL IF ANY clean up.
This kit is a beauty and I highly recommend this for anyone.

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