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Just wanted to give a shout out for Nickatron. A lot of my pack parts originally came from him a few years ago. So, when a small knob fell off my Proton Pack awhile back and was lost, I emailed Nickatron to see if I could just order the knob by itself and he just sent me one for free! I gave him my address on Monday and the package was at my door on Thursday!

In conclusion, I highly recommend them!
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By NotSabbat
Good to know. He seems to be a good seller. Likely going to order a good amount of parts from him somewhat soon.
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By Etigo
Yeah, I heard about that too.
Too sad to hear that.
Thank you very muck, Nick Bedwell to the Ghostbusters Community!!! :-D
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By Etigo
I forgot my feedback... An old Feedback... Sorry for this belated one.

I bought from him 2 Black Rbber Grip for my Gun in July 2012, I received them one month later, due to vacation time.
So, in a way, that was quick!!! :-D

I Nick Bedwell plans to reload his business, I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!! :-D

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