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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for katarra8.

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By irricanian
katarra8: Purchased "no ghost" and nametags from her. Venkman,Stantz ,Zeddemore and Spengler as well as "your name" tags available. Great product, great prices and fast shipping, purchased off Ebay.

Note: She also does custom child size patches. I got scaled down versions for my kids flightsuits, awesome! You will need to contact thru Ebay for these and ask.

By prop fan
I bought a set of no ghost patches for my wife and I and I also got a custom name tag made for my wife. Kathy did it at no extra charge and I got it all in about 4 days after I placed my order ...I think I will be using her services from now on for patches.
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By Some_Guy
Ordered my namepatch from her, great communication and fast shipping!

She even fit my lastname on the patch :D

Most definately reccomended.
By Onkelpsycho
I order a namepatch... It was great. I got my patch after only one and a half weeks (to Germany) and the shipping was very, very cheap...

Great deal...
By hoodaman
Just got a custom patch from her ebay shop and it's of good quality. She got it to me quickly and she doesn't kill you on shipping. Def. recommended.
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By GB2032DKM
Just got her patches. My name and the No ghost patch. Top quality. Super fast in shipping. I am stoked and can't wait to add it to my uniform.
By reaper1394
ordered a custom name patch off of her ebay and was thoroughly impressed. Recommended to a friend already.
By abaka
Got the GB2 logo and the personalised nametag, great item, great prices and superfast shipping time. Pleasure to deal with.
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By secrecyguy
I order and I got the no ghost patch and custom made name tag from her Ebay store.

The no ghost patch seems little bit larger than the movie version ones based on what I have heard about the size.

The patches seems very well made and you can even iron it on the uniform without sewing it on.

I give her a thumbs up! :)
By TheModelMaker
I ordered the Spengler and Venkman patches from her and received them within a few days of ordering. This was after I purchased from Kerzman's site and did not receive those until later. Katarra8's stuff is of excellent quality in my opinion.

Excellent communication also. Would recommend her patches to anybody.
By Hollis DZC
Kathys awesome! Great gal, great service! Got my Starship Troopers rank patches, beret from her.
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By Lewis Tully
I got a GB3 Ghost patch from Katarra and I was very pleased. The quality of the patch is top notch, and she got it to me very quickly.
By thor2015
I got my custom name patch from her and was also very impressed with the quality. Highly recommended.
By lucas2600b
Kathy makes great GB patches, and Logan's Run life clock replicas. I'm sure all of her other stuff is top notch as well. I was really surprised with the life clock replicas. They're very good for the cost, and she super fast at shipping your item(s)..
By RoboProp
Not GB related but, I bought 2 Covertech clips from her and they arrived in 2 days.

Good gal!
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By ROBOrob77
I've bought several patches from her and NEVER had a problem. Plus, she ships lightening fast. You'll have your patches in a couple of days after ordering. A+
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By ROBOrob77
Okay...maybe I spoke too soon.
Has anyone had a problem receiving their patches from katarra8 recently. I bought a couple from her on Dec 4th & 5th and they still have not arrived and she hasn't responded to my emails. This is the first problem I've encountered with her. Maybe they got lost in the mail...but that doesn't explain why she's not responding to my emails. Hopefully something bad didn't happen to her. Please let me know if you've experienced the same thing recently...Oh well; If they don't arrive in the next week I'll file a report with paypal.

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By Cythusly
I'd assume that it's taking a while because of the Holiday season. Just a guess.

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By ROBOrob77
I'd assume that it's taking a while because of the Holiday season. Just a guess.

All is good. I received an email from her last night. She's been sick for the past week and has not been able to get orders out as quickly as she usually does.
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By irricanian
I have one word for all of you especially during the holiday mail season


The amount of mail and packages being sent at this time of year warrants some extra time for delivery, don't blame the seller for postal delays. Tis' the nature of the season.
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By GB_Wales
I got my patches from katarra8, they are awesome and would reccomend to all!
I didn't have to wait long at all and I'm in the UK. I got them within a week!
If any of my friends want to join in with my costuming I'll reccomend her to them!
Long may she continue......:D
By reaper1394
Been a bit since I bought my Name Patch, but I do recommend her. She was prompt with and questions about name and spelling, and had my patch before a week had passed. For a custom name patch, $10 plus 2 for shipping isn't bad
Not sure if her no ghost patches(1-3...yes she makes a 3) are real accurate, but still recommend for the name patch
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By DarkSpectre
I have had nothing but good interactions with her. He prices are good and her stuff is well made. Plus her shipping is ridiculously fast. I ordered a no ghost patch from her and had it in 3 days.
By SolidGoldCaddy
Always been good to me. Ordered and had it in hand in less than 3 days from the order date.
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By UltimateGBfan
Never had a problem from her,I ordered custom name tags from her and they were here in about 3 days.
By EctoDevil
Ordered a GB2 patch from her a week ago and received it Saturday. This thing is beautiful! Will definantly do business with her again.
By stnthmn
I ordered my nametag and no ghost patches from her saturday and got them today. They are great. Now, I'm just wondering how I am going to get them on my uniform.
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