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By sto04084071

If there’s something strange…in your neighborhood…Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

Psychokinetic disturbances were rocking the East Coast, especially in the New York area. The Ghostbusters, picked up their packs one last time in order to try and save the day. They headed to the source of the disturbance, and once there, they find Loki, the god of mischief, and it’s a little more than the mortal Ghostbusters can handle. They are thrown into a portal, to a parallel dimension, with an odd side effect…

They are now back to their youthful ages of yesteryear…the ages they were when they first picked up a proton pack. Now with more energy and strength, they battle the creatures in this dimension, while working on a way to return home…

About Five Months Later…

A snowstorm was freezing the New York area…odd, for that time of year. The accumulation was 7 inches, and Loki was responsible, due to his manipulating the weather for his own mischievous deeds. But…

A flash of light hit the area…and from a crack in the dimensions…out walked four shadowed figures. As the light faded, and the crack disappeared…there stood the Ghostbusters, ready for action! Loki ran off, due to some nifty advanced technology that the Busters were packing, and the boys in grey saved the day!

Now, they’re back in the firehouse, ready to reopen the franchise, hire new people, and bust some Ghosts.

Are you afraid of Ghosts?


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