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By Teamhair
I found this posted by Eliza Dushku on her Twitter account. She says she really likes it! :)
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By Teamhair
This is her exact Twitter post for those whomay be curious...
" elizadushku Check me out.. I REALLY like THIS get-up! Lol. Thanks @mikeownby @echoline: http://bit.ly/a00WS4 Who ya gonna call! "
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By Gareee
There's worse choices. I'd like to see here though with short punk Kylie like hair.. and maybe even named Kylie as a nod to the EGB series.

At least she comes from an action star background, instead of some crap like a Twlight "star".
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By Gb213
I always have my doubts about Eliza as a Ghostbusters (I rather wanna see Elizabeth Banks carrying on a proton pack), but this pic clears all doubts. She looks hot, and the proton pack fix just right on her.

I do want her on GB3
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By MrsRayStantz
I had my doubts, but she looks smoking hot with a pack on and she's into it. Nothing worse then an actor/actress starring in something they're not actually into.
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By Ray Stanz GB
Much rather have her than someone like Queen Latifa ::shivers::
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By InKibuster
MrsRayStantz wrote:I had my doubts, but she looks smoking hot with a pack on and she's into it. Nothing worse then an actor/actress starring in something they're not actually into.

That I agree with. I haven't seen enough of her work to judge.
I hate to sound dreadfully sexist, but I shudder at the thought of someone picked on their gorgeous looks.
But I have read her quotes and enthusiasm, and well, I'd like that in someone.
Krenzy wrote:Wow she's tiny. I mean the pack goes from the top of her back to the bottom of her ass. She definately looks good with a proton pack

That's the other thing I can't wait to (hopefully) see, a smaller person in a pack. :cool: It gives us shorties something to dream about.
By exo95er
Gareee wrote:Only thing I think she's done on the big screen are those final destination type movies, right?

She was in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back and the brunette in Bring it On. TNT classics!

Also, the daughter in James Cameron's True Lies. Dana!
By Filandrius
She was also in Wrong Turn. She wasn't bad at all.

She's mostly a TV actress, anyway. She was Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and afterwards played in Tru Calling and Dollhouse, which weren't half bad.

In my opinion, she's underrated. And now that I know that she's a GB fan? I like her even more. :)
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By kevinj319
Pack self destruct sequence commencing in 10... 9... 8...
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By ganthorion
Charlie Richter wrote:That was at the Perth Supanova,

Its one of my foamcore Packs rushed for Ganthorian to wear to the Expo.


Hi all, I guess I should respond now :P Forgive me for the delay, I was hoping to get a better picture my friend took with a much better camera (and a photo of me with her too!).

This is the photo I uploaded onto Flickr on the 29th .. http://www.flickr.com/photos/41676439@N ... 382917508/

I honestly didn't know she was that big a fan until now, and the GB stuff was planned well in advance of Eliza actually being confirmed as a guest (which was barely a month ago). This has just been one of those great serendipitous moments :D

The way things happened (as I remember it) was that I attended both days at Supanova, with Charles Richter and Davros attending on the Saturday (in which all three of us got swamped for photos). On the Sunday me and my friend wanted to get in and get our signings in early, mainly because the day before it was too packed to get any from anyone. We were waiting in line to get Summer Glau's autograph and as we got close Eliza saw my pack (her line at this point which was longer had diminished because she arrived before Summer) so I got my autographs and hurried to her now empty line. After presenting the tickets and the usual fan outpouring (from me!) she asked if she could wear my pack!!! I didn't even hesitate and helped it on her, making sure she was secure in the frame before taking the gun off for her to hold. I quickly took a photo with my shitty phone and posed for a shot with her and my pack (photo still pending) whilst her boyfriend(?) took some photos as well :D

It wasn't until after I walked away in an absolute daze that my friend suggested I get her to sign my pack... DOH!!!

I must say that Eliza is as charming as she is beautiful and I would love to see her involved in the next Ghostbusters outing :D

Details of the pack for those who are curious! ...

- Foam core shell and tubing from Charles Richter, who came through in a bind after not receiving my shell and part from Mike Nelson since May (I haven't posted in that thread because I've been way too busy with this thing and work, but I've opened a PayPal dispute and won't discuss matters further until it's been resolved).
- Gun kit from irricanian, a huge thanks Colin and you've had your wand in a celebrities' hands ;)
- Pack light kit from R2DEVO, a spare one from Charles Richter.
- Split loom tubing, Red Perspex, and some essential pack building knowledge (like using torch reflectors for cyclotron lights) by Davros.
- HGA (not pictured) is Red Virtue's fantastic GB:TVG variant.
- Gun lights were scratch build and a 'Flicking Candle' kit from Jaycar, all hooked up to a 12v battery.
- Assembly, puttying, sanding, dremelling, kicking, screaming, swearing, painting and weathering by Me (with some assistance from my Dad who made the motherboard, and my Mom sewn my badges on my suit).

The only real problems with that pack (for those picky bastards) is that there was no time to fab up a bumper or shock mount, some of the tubing/connectors are missing, the N-Filter is the wrong size/a bit crap (but that's my fault, it was a rush job), wrong sized washers on cyclotron rings, and a couple of tiny things that (like the rest) just couldn't get done due to time, availability, and money restraints.

TL:DR Eliza wore my Pack!

I'll try and put some more photos online as soon as I can (with scans of stuff).

p.s. Huge shout out to Michael Winslow, who I also met and had an absolute blast talking to... and his seminar was brilliant and hilarious and LOUD!!! (he did this skit were he redubbed the sound effects to the scene in Star Wars with the Millennium Falcon taking out the TIE fighters after the escape from the Death Star... bloody hilarous)
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