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By GVGB2005
How many of you guys have the Ghostbusters movie 2 pack? The one with the special scrapbook and 2 episodes of RGB?
By derail
\o I do
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By christphern
I do as well.

By GBFreek83
Yep, I got 'em, and it's both GB's movies, and the first DVD has some really nice special features...
By ecto_skywalker
I've got them as well.
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By gbfreak2021
Me 2.Got it just for the scrap book, and cover art.
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By PeteVenkman_Jedi
Two in the box, ready to go. I got mine, now go get yours!
By SpiderFan2k3
I was at Meijer at midnight when it was released. It is so owned!
By malcolmhoaz
picked up 2 myself....so that now totals to the original VHS copy from back when it first came out, original vhs copy of GB2 when it came out, the 99' copys of GB1 and GB2 and the green covers....plus the copy for my PSP :twisted:
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By secrecyguy
I have it! I end up loosing the Ghostbusters 2 dvd disc (probably inside the motel room) so I end up having to replace it.
By EgonMacGyver
:looks through DVD collection: Yup, I've got it.
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By gbmatt
i even got the little foam stay puft thing with mine
By Ecto96
Yeah I have it too. It's pretty awesome with the deleted scenes. I mean they're not that great, and you can tell there's a reason they were deleted, but some are quite funny.
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By Spooky
I'm pretty sure I have every version of the films released except the laser disk. So...yes
By lucas2600b
I have it along with the 99 DVDs, and get this... I have the first one on Beta Max :D
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By Spooky
I have it along with the 99 DVDs, and get this... I have the first one on Beta Max :D

Damn...everyone but the Beta Max and laser disk
By ecto_skywalker
...plus the copy for my PSP :twisted:

Me too. :D
Do you know if they're going to release GB2 for the PSP?
By bigjuan2001
I got them at Wal Mart for $14 bucks. I like the RGB cartoons on it.
By Darkflame
Got it.
By eskimobob
got mine for xmas
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By Sksstudios
Got mine last year. And then again today I picked up another copy along with BTTF.... both movies for $30 total.

By KevinFromTexas
I do, I just got it for Christmas as a matter of fact. I love it!

On the deleted scenes...they did a good job of editing there. One scene that I did like that they left out was the one where the couple sees a ghost in their bathroom. Now, I thought the actors didn't pull off the scene, not believeable enough, but I totally liked the concept. Imagine a person's reaction in real life to seeing a ghost in their bathroom late at night. I wish the actors had done the scene better and they had left it in there. Everything else was fine to delete. Some were just portions of scenes which they actually left in, but shortened them a bit.

I got several other good movies this year, too. Back to the Future trilogy on dvd, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Last Starfighter. I'm a geek for sci-fi movies particularly from the 80s. :lol:
By GVGB2005
MY fav deleted scene is at the end after the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man explodes and his hat floats down, they shoulda kept that! :lol:
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By PeteVenkman_Jedi
No they shouldn't have. The hat looks horribly fake and just didn't jive at all.
By derail
I wish that they had left in the scene in GBII where Ray gets crazy behind the wheel of the Ecto. However, it could've been scary for the young'ns.

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