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By cowbybill
yep I got 'em too. As well as both VHS covers, The GBII VHS cover, the 1999 DVD release, The regular laserdisc, the Criterion laserdisc, the GBII Laserdisc, the Beta version, a PAL version of the box set, and 2 35mm prints of the trailer, What I would really like to get ahold of is the CED Disc.
By Coover5
aliencatx wrote:they have the movie set at walmart for $10. .

I remember buying Ghostbusters on DVD back in 1999. It was a big deal being my families first DVD. It cost $19.99 for 1 movie back then. I should have waited a decade for that sweet deal!
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By egie
Cardboard Buster wrote:I already had the first move, but I had to bu it because it was the only way I could find part 2. I even looked online and the 2 disk et cost the same as the only copy of just part 2 I could find so I though "hey, free copy of GB1!"

This is actually exactly what happened to me. I just gave my old GB1 to a friend.
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