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By Fritz
I was in Myrtle Beach this past weekend and while at a antique mall I saw some one selling 8 Ghostbuster Loby Cards. I looked them over but did not have the money to buy them. I was wondering how many loby cards were there?

There are eight pictured there. Sounds like it might be a full set.
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By cowbybill
I'd say as long as they are in great shape it's a good price. I've seen them go as high 195.00 on web sites and on ebay. Also I've seen folks at conventions sell them separately from anywhere from 30.00- 50.00 You may want to check to ensure they are not reproductions at that price. The original ones are printed on cardstock and measure approx. 11X14 and the lettering should be easy to read.
I've seen some where people have scanned the lobby card and tried to pass it off as an original.
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By windycitywarrior71
Is there any other way to tell if you have a re-production or scan or the legit set ? I scored a set of the 8 for 30.00, right measurements, cards look like 80's card stock, dated 1984. The catcher is the bright colors and flawless condition, they look brand new to me. But feel like they are older. Any ideas ?

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