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By Shartwig79
I've seen it debated a few times as to when the film actually takes place. However, I've yet to see somebody notice the Christmas elements in the Original Ghostbusters. I've searched the forums and haven't seen anything pertaining to what I believe I may be the first to notice.

During the first Montage, we see various publications fly past, all ranging in dates from September to October of 1984. But if we pay close attention during the second scene of Ecto 1 making a right hand turn we notice a LOT of Christmas decorations donning the city.

Is it safe to say the beginning to the climax of the film is more than just the considered 2-4 weeks as previously thought? Or is it just careless editing that means nothing?

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By mrmichaelt
Personally, I concluded it's from late September to early November and they simply time skip past Halloween.

I extrapolated from the USA Today date of October 8 that the Slimer bust was likely the night of October 7 and ends around midnight since the Alhambra was reserved for that midnight buffet for the Eastside Theatre Guild.
*So then the Dana interview was either the day of October 7 or earlier in the week.
**So then Dana's 1st encounter with Zuul was 2 days before interview as she stated to the guys
***All scenes prior to Dana's would be late September-ish to give enough time sensibly for the guys and hired help to refurbish the Firehouse and for Columbia to be in session in the fall it would have to be September not August.
****Then the earliest point in late September-ish would be Slimer getting rowdier than usual would be either before or right around the time of the Librarian's encounter as the manager said it was quiet up until two weeks ago.

So I then assumed the first time skip was 2 weeks as Janine told Peter she was working non-stop for 2 weeks and the Post was dated October 22 as well.

Then we know Peter sets up the date with Dana for Thursday-ish but Winston later tells Mayor Lenny he was working with the Ghostbusters for a couple weeks. So I pinned the night of the date to be November 8 then the battle with Gozer takes place November 9.

For that one scene, in-universe, I just assumed someone started decorating early. Not unheard of. BTS, naturally, they filmed it during Christmas '83.
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By Alex Newborn
Well said, Larry.

I admitted in at least one video that I was playing "fast and loose" with the term pet peeve, and some of them are downright exuberant celebrations (check out the one titled "Aykroyd Audio Ads!!!").

Frankly, I never expected to shoot some 140 videos in that short an amount of time, but folks just kept giving me great topic suggestions.

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