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By mrmichaelt
Reelz Channel's Behind Closed Doors will have an episode about Ghosbusters. It airs this Sunday at 9 ET/8PT. Aykroyd, Reitman, and Hudson are confirmed.

"Amid a crowded summer movie landscape, one film broke out to become of the biggest comedies of all time: Ghostbusters. A collaboration of some of the most celebrated voices in comedy, Ghostbusters spawned what has become an billion dollar franchise. Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors takes an inside look at how this movie came together from the people who were there. Ghostbusters’ director, producer, stars, and crew share stories from the making of iconic film and reflect on its success more than three decades later."

https://ghostbustersnews.com/2019/05/30 ... -peek-now/
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By Alphagaia
I don't have REELZ, has anyone recorded this? is there a way to see it other than Reelz?
Love to have an answer on this as well. Cannot watch from the Netherlands!
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