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By Terrordog
I want to start a fanclub in sweden. "Ghostbusters sweden" or "ghostbusters Gothenburg"
I wonder how? and Whats the rules . for example how to use/ design the logo.
criteria for membership and more?

best regards Mattias
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By Kingpin
I guess in these modern times of social media, you'd probably create a Facebook group.

Most fan groups make use of the logo with great freedom and flexibility (such as with custom logos), however a good rule of thumb to apply with using the copyrighted material of the Ghostbusters franchise is: don't take the piss.

...In other words, don't try to make a profit off of the logo, don't use it to draw negative press or attention onto yourselves, Sony, or the Ghostbusters brand.
By Terrordog
Ok, thanks!
I have seen people in other clubs hair diplomas where one has become a "ghostbuster". That's the way I want the members to get. How do you go about getting that? do you know who you are applying from and contact?
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By Kingpin
Ghost Corps (the subsidiary of Sony devoted to the Ghostbusters franchise) at one point issued certificates for each fan franchise that "registered" with them, but in the end most people have either made their own certificates for individual members, or used a template they found online.
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