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By giantsloar
slimershomie wrote:how do i put it on my psp

I think you'd go to this site on ur psp and select download it. I'm not sure though, thats what I plan on doing when I have my psp on me.
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By piero1985
slimershomie wrote:how do i put it on my psp

1. Prepare storage media such as a Memory Stick Duo.

2. Use a PC to create a folder named "PSP" on the storage media and create a subfolder named "THEME" (must be all uppercase) within that folder.

3. Download the theme.

4. Save the downloaded theme in the "THEME" subfolder.

5. Insert the storage media in the PSP system.

6. Go to Settings > [Theme Settings] > [Theme], and then select [Install].

7. Select the theme file that was saved on the storage media. After installation has been completed, go to Settings > [Theme Settings] > [Theme] again, and then select the theme.

8. Select [Apply].
By axelghostbuster
hey is it free to downloud,em!!! :cool: :blush: :sigh: :vinzclortho:
By Terrace
Got it! Thanks, dude!
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By piero1985
slimershomie wrote:ever think of makeing one for an ipod touch and puting it on cydia?

Hi, I can try to if you give me the "ipd touch" theme creator......

For now, a Gb theme version 6.5:
Added new icons like : trophies, shutting down, battery and video, music and photo folders.

Hey everyone- new to the site- I hope to be pals....
I love the PSP theme-
I can't WAIT until GB PSP comes out (THIS WEEKEND!!!!!)

Um...Anyone have access to the movie formatted for PSP?
You'd be my frickin' HERO!!!!

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